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Torque spec - rear control arm bush bolt

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Just another thing I'm looking for info on - the torque spec of the rear wishbone/control arm bush that bolts up into the capitve nut in the chassis leg.

My mk2 / 4x100 haynes manual states 130NM which is quite high but I've seen it referenced in a few places so am assuming that would be correct for a 4x100 Corrado. My haynes manual for the mk3 golf (for 4cyl cars only) states 70NM + 90 degrees which is odd as the 4x100 mk3s are the same set up as mk2s and that torque rating appears to match what 5x100 cars are publicised elsewhere.

However this website appears to state 130NM for 4cyl mk3s so at odds with Haynes (inc i assume 16v) but 70NM for the VR6 but  that doesn't make sense to me either since the 4cul 16v/8v GTI subframes are the same as the VR6 and also the same as what we have in Corrado VR6s https://www.torkspec.com/torkspecmm.aspx?KI=533


Put me out of my misery -  would i be right to assume the Corrado VR6 5x100 would match the mk3 Golfs 70NM + 90 (and infact that rating is the 5x100 cars rather than just VR6 as noted on the trokspec website) for this bolt? Not sure why it is so different to the mk2 / 4x100 since it is very similar in design.

I will want to remove my VR6 subframe at some point in the future and am also putting back together my mk3 16v which should have the same specs as the Corrado VR6 so want to make sure I am using the correct settings.



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