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A history....

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Hello all!


I became a member here almost Two years ago now, most of you know me but for those who don't here is a shortened version of my History with C's.


As with most inexperienced young men who want one of these I kinda got diddled buying her. Completely Std charged G60 with Tax and MOT (but with nothing left on the brakes) and 160k on the clock for £1800 Whooops! :lol:


I had my heart set on her though and I couldn't find anything similar to her within 150 miles so i bit the bullet and bought her...






There was rust everywhere but at the time i saw it as minor, Fox alloys ( Blugh!) were scuffed and almost dead but again who cares... they where cheep alloys anyway!. Also, the boy I bought it off had a receipt from G-works for the charger being ported and with a new 68mm pulley about 20k miles previously so i had a good 15k before i had to worry about that but otherwise it was all standard, which was fine. At the time i was looking for a car to concourse so i didn't mind she was standard.


But then some bad news...


Driving her home from work i noticed she was pulling to the right, so on a quiet bit on a B road i "jiggled" the steering from side to side to try and gage the problem... The problem soon became apparent when my OS tyre collapsed and I flew off into the hedge. Subframe had been completely torn and the wheel had just shot straight up into the wheel arch. :cry:.


I seriously considered saying Bu**er to the G60 dream and scrapping her there and then when i stumbled across this forum. With all you happy chaps talking about what a shame it was to loose a rado as they aren't that common. And at the same time i came into possession of a shed!


So, AGAIN i said poopoo to expense and scrapped the EARTH trying to get a new subframe, wish bones and anti-roll bar. Finally managed to get some in Perth second hand from a I-plate rado (R.I.P.) and got them fitted for me.. £300 notes later I now have a Corrado with the same problems as before but at least she could be driven without a tow rope!


Anywho, that was 12 months ago when i finally found a GOOD subframe and had it fitted. Since then I have been concentrating on the body work as i decided to get a second car for when i started working on the C (l.4L Polo that i later crashed :( ) so i wasn't really well off. Also, a shed is one thing but i needed a dry place to work on her out of the rain, and until 4 weeks ago when i got a shot of my GF's garage she was just sitting on the drive.


This is what she looked like back in 2009 after sanding some of the bubble rust off...







and to top it off i went and found this on the OS rear wheel arch



pooop as the French say...


So, I sanded the arches, bonnet and cills, then get in there with some Krust (or something!) before patching up the hole with fibreglass and smoothing off that and the rest of the car with some isopon P38. I then went off too do my alloys. You may have noticed one of the alloys has the bolt cover missing. That's because im currently respraying the alloys (the one with the missing cover has been done) while also experimenting with replacing the FOX badge with a G60 one. Dont know how best to proceed though. Might have to be HAND PAINTED, but then i DO have a GCSE in art you know!


Anywho... That was two years ago almost. Now she's not much improved. Have fixed the starter motor and other things but otherwise she hasn't moved much for a year almost. Am in two minds about fixing her at all but I do love her and I vaguely remember the driving experience before the suspension packed in (see my other post for a full list of required fixes). The smell of the car and everything about her is just lovely.


The big thing thou is that I've recently been made aware that my Job is not as secure as i first thought, The future of my car (as with most people running a C as a second car) depends on getting money to fix her. I can only hope that things improve for me and my Rado in that front sooner rather than later...

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