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  2. I eventually got round to doing this after a few years 🤣 I used the Scuffmaster , I’ll attach a picture of the actual dye. Be aware though that I did the whole interior, not sure a repair wouldn’t stand out a bit as it’s very likely not going to match 100% a well worn set. I liked the results that much I’ve bought a 2nd bottle as I have another cream interior (Recaro’s) as I sold the standard one after I’d got it all dyed etc. Plus, I’ve got a bottle of the grey (sent a sample in to match) so I could do the other interior at some point
  3. One interesting variation was the "Aktiv" speaker system, these were Nokia speakers that were directly powered, active units - paired with a head unit that had not active pre-amp out stage, so wouldn't work with normal speakers. There was a rare Gamma CD unit designed for the Aktiv system, that as far as I know was the only CD head unit from that era, probably because losing the amplification stage made some extra room for the older CD mechanism - the rest all had casette units with CD changers. It's pretty rare to see now, comes up in the odd Golf Cabrio, but I have seen evidence of a couple of Corrados being fitted with it. It didn't necessarily sound any better, but an interesting oddity nonetheless.
  4. Will the clay bar get the white marks out? Yes
  5. good question - i cant say i have ever checked for them i didnt realise it had a tweeter setup in the front but i do know a previous owner had done some form of rewiring to the door speakers im thinking of pulling some of the dash out & then completely redoing the the door speaker wiring with some decent cable like i have running to the rear 6*9's
  6. when i got my kit from them i just told them the year & model of vehicle & they had a list to match it up IIRC i had a guide of steps to follow when using their products but cant remember if they gave it me or i got it elsewhere just give them a call m8 - they were based down the road from me so i just popped in to see them & they were very helpful
  7. Will the clay bar get the white marks out? I think you're right on this, and I will go down this route. Might do some paint myself, I have attempted this before and the results weren't too bad. Will get the car looking smart again in the short term.
  8. Can you heae the tweeters working? I remember reading somehwere that there was actually a cross-over of some kind in the factory tweeters, but not sure if that's true - I guess the real reason is that the factory stereos jsut have 4x speaker output, so needs to be wired that way.
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  10. just to revive this one, does anyone know the best colour match from gliptone, furniture clinic etc for cream leather? Mine needs some repair as well as redyeing the cracked areas. Thanks Hasan
  11. having read this thread - would i be best to rewire my JL audio 6.5" front direct to head unit? AFAIK they are connected to a thicker audio wire which comes out of the door as such i dont know if this looping to tweeters is still in place - if im honest i didnt even know the wiring did that lol
  12. Thanks for the replies, for now I'll bypass the tweeters. Dox, I'll come back to you if I change my mind. Cheers
  13. thank you to everyone so far for the payments so quickly 🙂
  14. No problem. Wasn't much detective work involved... I can't remember how I stumbled upon it but think I was just googling "VW dashpot" and that popped up looking almost identical so I took a punt! Seems to have worked for me so hopefully it might help others out as well.
  15. If you see Daves previous thread he has MB Quart tweeters in modified standard baskets, I had these in my mk3 vr6, great sounding set up to my then mid 30s ears (it’s all snap, crackle and pop in your mid 50s). http://the-corrado.net/topic/87519-tweeter-connections/?tab=comments#comment-1040235
  16. If you take the wiring through the tweeters they will be active. The original wire goes in and back out to the door speakers. If you join the standard two connections together it will send the music straight to the door. I had mine setup with door speakers and factory tweeter and it was not nice. I then installed some 4in speakers in the dash and spliced into the wire feeding the dash speaker to join it to the door wire. Much better! However if I had audioscape I'd be temped to just remove dash speaker and join the two wires that connect to stock speaker. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  17. I have 6.5" speakers in Audioscape pods already but am aware that the wiring goes in and out of the tweeters before they reach the door speakers and as the tweeters have been modified I wasn't sure if this would be an issue. Not fused about originality, I'm restoring the original wiring so that everything works and its not a mess, I hate messy wiring. Anyhow the tweeters will be sold with the amp etc. Dox, how much posted please? Thanks
  18. £59 balance just sent. Cheers Rick Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  19. I don't normally throw much out but I made an exception on those Nokia tweeters a month or so back 😄
  20. Making progress on the garage - picture taken earlier but all footing trenches dug and passed by building Inspector - it’s great building soil here in my home town - best soil is like sand that you can cut slabs out of - worse is clay as you can actually get clay heave which is when the clay expands with water and pushes the ground up and cracks the house - basically the opposite to subsidence. Easy way to check if your soil has heavy clay is simply roll it up into a stick and if it does indeed roll to a stick make sure you have designed footings to cope with heave .
  21. £118 sent for the two. Many thanks again 👍
  22. Would you really be bothered putting the old original tweeters back in? They weren't that great to begin with and will have suffered the ravages of time at this stage. Small tweeter/speaker technology has really come on since then, and you should be able to to find something modern that fits and actually works - once the trim is on you won't see a difference. Another alternative is jsut to fit decent components in the doors and leave the dash ones empty - although I do get wanting to have everything back to factory 100%. although I've never heard of a show where a judge asks you to lift the speaker grille to check for the Nokia logo! Nokia were better at making phones anyway, and even that didn't last.. (actually they made way more selling backbone carrier and mast equipment and firewalls - don't ask me how I know).
  23. Out of the dash of my breaker, no idea if they work 😂
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