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    From the VIN number, mine was produced 342 from the end of the production run so they were probably using up the parts they had left, and I’ve owned it since it was less than five years old so I expect it’s the original one too as it was too new for things to have started breaking! No UK cars were built with a/c but mine is definitely 2 plug and I’m sure that both plugs were wired when I fitted the Climatronic, I just had to add extra wires to the smaller plug.
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    Toby just replied, myself and Fendervg are Moderators again 👍
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    Well done in hopefully sorting it. Sometimes it is hard to go back to the beginning to check things as we are 200% confident they were done right. Always catches me out and I end up back at the beginning 2 weeks later. We can always send you a non AC FCM unit across the water if you need it 👍
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    Injector leak-down is a good shout, also worth checking residual fuel pressure is not dropping too quickly. Some on here had some success resolving long crank times using a non-return valve on the fuel pump feed, but there are so many variables and components that could be old and faulty in the loop that it can take a bit of time to track down.
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