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  1. I have lots of parts for sale. What are you after?

  2. "Hi do you still have the pedal box for sale? Does it come with hydro clutch master cylinder? Do you know what age of cat it is off? Thanks" - I do still have the pedal box. I probably still have the clutch cylinder but would need to find it. The pedal box came from a 92 G60. Regards,


  3. Anthony,

    Guide price - I have no idea. I'm undecided at the moment if I want to sell or keep.

    Condition wise it's probably better I post some photos to photobucket over the weekend so you can take a look (unless you are local and can pop over to take a look). After all one man's mint is the another man's average.

    The main appeal for me when I bought the car was it is standard. It's never been chavved up, pulley'd or even lowered. It even had the original stereo in it (but the head unit has been removed).

    Body wise there are a few very minor dents. I had a discussing with a paint-less dent company (while working on another car I own) and he felt all would come out if he could access the back of the panel).

    The sunroof and spoiler all work.

    The BBS wheels are in good condition with 4 brand new uniroyal rain sports (driven less than 30 miles). New discs and pads up front (again done less than 30 miles) since the last MOT.

    I'm between Reading and Maidenhead.



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