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  1. To save me reading 14 pages of posts, What are these looms please?

    Headlamp loom upgrade with triple relays and OEM plugs/connectors for a proper plug and play install. Fitted mine not that long ago, really good upgrade with nightbreaker bulbs.


    The last loom I’d got just had crimp spade connectors, nowhere near as good.



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  2. Finally got round to fitting the new uprated headlamp loom.


    Whilst at it, and due to the Corrado not getting driven all that much, I was getting fed up of flat batteries and sometimes to such an extent the battery was scrap. So I fitted a device that is supposedly meant to disconnect the battery if voltage drops too far. It has a remote fob to reconnect when finally needed. Only time will tell how good it turns out to be.


    Also pulled the connector on the rear spoiler to stop it going up anymore until I get more time to pull the mechanism to see why one side doesn’t raise properly at the moment.


    Oh, and took her for a spin for an hour to blow off the cobwebs :)



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  3. Noticed this week when looking in the rear view mirror, the spoiler was wonky and only raised fully on one side. Other side was kind of at half/quarter mast. Is that likely to be a terminal problem on the mechanism, or just something that has come loose?


    Don’t want to use the car now just in case it finishes off the mechanism completely :(



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  4. First spot in a while. A blue Corrado (not sure on flavour) driving through Riseley (Berkshire) sometime around 11am’ish today. Typically, I’ve been using my Rado quite a lot recently but wasn’t in it today, I did flash my lights and give a thumbs up. Driver of the Rado seemed oblivious to the Merc flashing him… lol. Anyone on here?

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  5. I can’t decide whether to sell mine, or just moth ball it in the garage. I’ve just bought something else as a spare mile muncher due to my dad passing away and needing to make regular visits to my mum. The Corrado was ok for me, but the mrs wasn’t a fan of it for a six hour round trip in a day.

    It owes me nothing, had it 11 years, paid £1500 when I got it, and spent very little on it over the years. Service parts in the main (tyres, brakes, odd ball joint, brake lines, etc), plus odds and sods as upgrades.

    I still love driving it, so in the short term, I’ll pop the engine out and do the chain and tensioners while I don’t need it as a second set of wheels. Longer term, I’m still out on what to do with it. If it is garaged and covered, is it likely to develop big issues in the end? Like I say, it’s cost me very little to own and run over the 11 years, which is pretty good really. Only current issues with it is the sunroof (standard… lol) and literally the last time I used it the passenger window stopped working. What would you all do?

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  6. Same for me. When I changed my fronts to 288s, they initially felt terrible, and I wasn’t impressed at all. But they did dial themselves in after a while.

    Worth double checking that the abs pump was bled as well as there is a bleed nipple on there.

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  7. Was it just me, or was anyone else a tad underwhelmed by the episode. Literally no detail around anything that was done. Considering how much was done, it could’ve had the a whole series just for the Corrado. I mean, going from the standard engine to a turbo onto the standard engine, to blowing up two turbos, and then as if by magic, a totally different engine swap overnight. I love the program, but so disappointed.

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  8. Quickest car I’ve owned is my current 2007 Mercedes CLS63. 525bhp, puts a smile on my face every time I give it even just half beans. Only bugger with it is it is so quick, you can’t give it full beans for very long.

    Fastest I’ve been in is a Tesla.

    Most interesting, not really sure to be honest, so many cars with some many different reasons on why they might be “interesting”.


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  9. I’ve never had 15’s on mine, so I’ve no idea what stock feels like. When I bought it it had 17’s, and they were very crashy and harsh in my opinion, and the 16” Speedlines i run now feel fine. I did also have some 16” Azev C’s in between which also felt decent.



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  10. hi all
    bizarrely i have been speaking to Zak over the last couple of days
    he is ok for doing another run of looms but we need to hit a minimum of 10
    same deal as previously, IE due to his offshore work commitments being rather random & sometimes lengthly there would be no specific lead time, it could take a month or it could take 3
    i will assist by organising things on here & will also do the leg work regarding the OE connectors, which i believe went down well with all of those who had a loom last time
    i will try & make time to refresh myself on all the costs etc, update here & then we can get the ball rolling in the new year
    oh & happy christmas to all by the way

    Great stuff. Let’s hope we can hit the magic number

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