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Coolant Sensor

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Greetings all,


After a couple of months of total neglect and lack of love for my corrado I've finallly got some pride back.


I've gave it a real good clean yesterday and hooked it up to my mates VAG-COM.


It came back with the following fault - 00522 - Coolant Sensor.


I've done a search, but can't really find anything.


The dealer has quoted me £26 for the sensor, but what I really need to know is, is it easy to fit and do I hve to drain the system?


Any help apprieciated.

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If it's the blue coolant temp sensor, make sure you get a new seal for it. Pull out the old one, and whack the new one in as quickly as you can to prevent too much coolant loss. No need to drain the system, although get yourself a bottle of G12+ to top up what you lose.


It's situated at the front right of the engine, just below the front of the manifold. There are 3 sensors in a row on the stat housing. Unplug the electricals, and hook them out of the way. Remove the securing clip located above each sensor- mine is a greenish colour (just pull up and off), and then simply pull it out. Have the new one ready to go, so you don't lose too much coolant.


You can also get it much cheaper than that from AVS, ECP or GSF ;)

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