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which components?

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i just brought some audioscape doorpods, but im unsure on what components i want. Any aduiophiles out there who can help me pick a decent set. ive got around £100 to spend so anything around that price range please.

Plus they will be amped up.


Any suggestions?


Thanks Dan

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Where did you get the pods from? I phoned up a couple of weeks ago and they've stopped making them now :( Gonna pull my finger out and build my own :)


I'm no audiophile but i've just bought some polyglass focals 165v2s for my mk1 as i've heard nothing but good things about them. If you can stretch your budget a bit it would definitely be worth it. If you've gone to the expense of getting the door pods its worth spending the money on some good components.


http://caraudiosecurity.com/shop/produc ... urer_id=55


Show some of their range, but if you shop around you can pick them up cheaper.


Hope thats at least some help.

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