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Porsche 911 GTS

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Was lucky enough to get out and drive the above yesterday.


Uses the Carrera 4S body but retains rear wheel drive only, the 402bhp engine thats a £8k+ option on the S etc etc


Car I drove was a PDK version and have to admit to being seriously impressed with the smoothness of the changes, you often only knew it had changed gear by the display telling you it had, thank goodness Porsche have relented and provided paddles though, much better to use than the buttons fitted previously.


Managed to have a play with the Launch Control - hit Sport Plus and LC buttons, foot on the brake and when you're ready release - absolute perfect launch (even on gravel).


Definitely an onion type of car - you can drive it quickly and safely but to really get the best out of it would require you to strip away the layers, each one revealing new characteristics and abilities - not a car you'd get bored of quickly


The 911 might not have the glamour of other cars in that sector of the marketplace but I walked thinking that its exactly where I'd sink my £90k if I had it to spend on a single car

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