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g60 running rich

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Started new thread due to changes


Hi guys


Recently got myself a g60 with 126k on the clock

Seem to be having a mixture of problems, ill explain


-lumpy idle

-strong exhaust smell, also smells of petrol when cold.

- smoking under load and slightly at idle, looks black but hard to tell

-temp gauge only goes to 70c (oil reads 100c so pretty sure engine is at full temp)

-hesitation at low revs/low throttle

-seems recutant to rev from idle.


So far all I have checked:


-blue temp sensor, 193 ohms after a 45 min drive.

Think it should be between 170-220 at operating temp so seemss good. Idled worse when unplugged.


-Earth's, havebt done any here other than test between the head and the batterys neg terminal what was 1.2 ohm, what seems fine. Replaced earth from throttle body to bulk head due to a high ish resistance


-unplugged lambda sensor, made no change to running. Possible cause?


-batt voltage at idle when running, 13.8v.


-co pot sensor missing, plugged 500 ohm resistor into ( what I thinks the wiring for it) and made no difference to the running


-changed black temp sensor to try cure gauge reading 70c, no change but have noticed it hits 90c when idling so expect stat is stuck open.


-tested boost using mfa, made 1630 at 6000rpm, what seems bad considering it has a 70mm pulley (well a receipt for one?


- Checked vac lines, nothing found, going to trace a mew 1m one just incase




ive gave the car a full service and removed the induction kit but no change, it also seems to be getting worse:(


Planning to change thw cam belt at the weekend so will check the crank pulley




Any advice guys?

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There's not Co Pot? It needs one! I wouldn't try and find anything else faulty until that's on and right.


Lambda being unplugged should alter running, so possibly faulty but still, sort the Co Pot first!

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Haha I know, guessing some one couldbt be asked to try source a replacement, any advice as to where I may find a replacement?

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Hi guys



Problem is still here


Have now fitting new co pot, set to co pot to 600 ohms, have tried various settings but doesnt seem to alter running in any way


Replaced 1m ecu line


Still running bad, if not worse ( kept hesitating massively when trying to pull off)

So ive unplugged the lambda and now no more hesitation but still seems to be running rich.


At the moment im thinking possible lambda failure or maybe ecu?


The earth that goes from top of inlet to coil bracket had a resistance of 35 ohms so I changed it, I hear that can cause ecu failure?


Whats every one think I should try next?

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