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What's this sound like, most likely - high mpg, occasional wants to die at initial

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As title really, fitted new engine so think can rule that out, and it's perfect at full throttle, but mpg dropped to like hihg teens (was 28) and wants to die when warm and pull up at junction or something, just that initial idle, after that it's fine.

All sensors and basically everything else new in past year but did give it a pretty healthy short when first wired after engine so could have damaged a sensor.

Not bad enough to be crank etc., have 2 MAF's, ISV's, Coilpacks all of that seems fine, 2 ECU's one remapped, was fine with standard one, ran bout 200 miles after new engine, fine with remapped one for bout 500 after that, then mpg jumped up.

Don't have VAGCOM at mo.

Sound like Lambda, only sensor chnaged that wasn't original VW or Bosch, and fine at full throttle?

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Sorry to sound obvious but you need vagcom to save spending money! If not Lambda then a cam position sensor is my next guess

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