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2 keys - 1 for doors/boot, 1 for ignition

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Hey all,


I've got 2 keys but each with a different profile. I assume the ignition was replaced at some point, how do I go about matching the doors to the ignition and then I can just cut the other key to match.


I'm guessing changing the lock barrels on the doors and boot is the answer but how/who does this :) ?




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You have to get the lock cylinders out and if you have other handles laying around you can lay out the wafer tumblers, take the them all out of existing cylinders being carful not to lose the springs in n the holes. Take all the springs out. Once there out put one spring and one wafer in and push down on it til even with cylinder starting at the head or entry way. The put the ignition key in and see if it lines up with cylinder surface. If not try another wafer. If it looks good try it in the handle to make it doesn’t bind as you turn it. Try all positions and if you don’t get all 5 to work, 3 is good enough. Don’t put any springs back in the other 2 empty slots. I’ll take pictures of the procedure later this evening. Pretty sure Mk1,2 and 3 use the same wafers but check to make sure with your existing ones because I haven’t done one these in n a while.


CPL locksmith


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