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Roger Blassberg

Front floor/ jacking point repair section from Heritage

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Can anyone advise if the front jacking point repair section available for Golf Mk 2 on VW HERITAGE is useful, either with or without fettling, in sorting out the badly corroded section on my 1994 Corrado VR6?


Alternatively can anyone give general advice on fabricating a repair, maybe using a section from a scrapped vehicle?


Best wishes



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Hello there,


I believe our Corrado's were made based from the MK2 Golf floor pan, so some or most of the replacement floor panels or repair floor panel sections will fit our Corrado's, with possibly very slight fabrication needed to make them fit right.


Part number 191 803 203

Front left floor repair panel (quarter front section) = for Corrado / MK2 Golf 1984 to 1995


Part number 191 803 204

Front right floor repair panel (quarter front section) = for Corrado / MK2 Golf 1984 to 1995


Regarding the MK2 Golf jacking point repair panel, in my opinion it'll need some fabrication to make it fit correctly, as these are individually visible each side on the Golf, where as on our Corrado's it's more of a reinforced panel welded to the front chassis, then moulded / welded at the base to the front inner wheel arch.

It's more of a reinforced box section on our Corrado's, but on the MK2 Golf like I say it's a stand alone jacking point piece.

You possibly could use the MK2 Golf ones but you'll have to fabricate the reinforced triangular box section around / over it,

plus you'll probably need to weld in the repair floor section at the front also.

The jacking point panel is something like 3mm to 4mm think, it has to be fairly robust as it's where the Corrado is jacked up.


You'll need a ruler or taper measure.

You'll need steel sheets to fabricate the triangular box section.

Disconnect car battery.

Pull up carpet / sound proving membrane on drivers side.

Move any wiring loom in that area.

A welder and all the other gear.

A spot weld drill bit and drill.

Hammer / chisel / safety specs.

Grinder with cutting disc and grinding disc.

A bottle of rust eater / converter.

Zinc or Galvanised primer.

Red oxide paint or Hammerite paint.

Stone chip paint or underseal.

Wax oil gun to spray inside of repair panel.

A large swear box :censored: :lol:

A continuous flow of cups of Tea / Coffee :lol:



Or you get a bodyshop garage to do the repair work for you, but it'll need all the rusted areas removing / cutting out and welding in new pieces / panels, I say that as some garages only weld pieces of metal over the rust just to get it through the MOT.



Hope this helps



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Thanks for the very detailed reply Si. I have got hold of the Golf Mk2 repair section and asked my welder, ( very experienced and interested in making a good job) to fettle it to fit. I will keep you up to date with developments. Maybe others can benefit if this works out well.


Further comments are welcome in the meantime.


Best wishes. RB

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