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  1. Hi guys, big thank you for the interest. Sad to say I have taken a deposit on the car. If the sale falls through ill let you know.... Or keep it :)
  2. Hi all, I got time wasted last time and chickened out of a resale. Poodled about a wee bit but has to go this time so now up on eBay. Have a look! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/112439675698 Thanks!
  3. Thanks for looking, seems this is now sold Think I may cry
  4. Thank you sir! It certainly gets a lot of random photos and looks. And with recent wishbones, powdercoated hubs, new discs, new disc splash guards, new hoses, powdercoated axle etc, a lot of good comments from MOT man & anybody looking underneath. Just remembered, not that these are particularly interesting: It has McGard wheel nuts, Obviously pressed, but legal, plates LED lamps in place of the fogs, A boost gauge .... and has wheel center caps, despite being missing in the pics lol Getting it insured was easy, in case there was any wonder with the engine conversion.
  5. Hello and thanks for checking out my 1.9TDI VW Corrado. I have been contemplating selling for a while as my other half has just bought a new runabout and my MK1 project is almost complete. So in at the deepend - If you are one of those people that gets flustered about mileage and history of a car – then this probably isn’t the car for you. If you want a reliable clean, solid car – please read on. This Corrado came to me after I found I was covering about 100 miles a day for work, and lets be honest, while a MK3 golf is reliable and efficient- they are hateful. The Corrado TDI was born. The car started life as a 2.0 16V. It’s petrol heart was removed to be replaced with a 1996 TDI from a MK3 Golf – complex enough to be smooth and reliable, but simple enough any old fuel wont upset it – the Veg TDI Daily Kebab was born. I intended to go round the whole thing to renew everything at the end of last year, but I have too many projects on the go, recent house purchase and I need to reduce my commitments. Not really any desperate rush to sell, but I thought I'd try the water. 10 months MOT and 201000 (will increase) on the clock, logbog is consistent with the engine change. Brief spec: Engine • More or less bone standard 1996 1.9 TDI 1z (approx 130k) • decat downpipe and stainless cat back 2.5” • Renewed cone filter • Renewed boost control hoses • Renewed boost control valve • Renewed MAF • Cleaned intake & EGR Blocked. • Front mount intercooler • Renewed Clutch master cylinders (the expensive little genuine only one) • 02J Gear shift upgrade (pff you should try an 02A after wards lol) • Renewed engine & box mounts If tuning is your thing, a remap and some injectors could see a good hike in power. Body • The colour is it’s original LC5U, but instead of a black base it has silver to lighten it up. paintwork isn't show winning, but OK. Bit patchy/mismatchy in places. • Renewed windscreen & seals • Colour coded handles • Refreshed plastics • Renewed sunroof seal • Powdercoated bumper supports • Powdercoated tank straps The whole shell has had a good going over to remove any minor rust, the inner arches and lower panels have been replaced with new clean steel that was all primed with epoxy mastic. Another famous rotting place for corrados is around the windscreen. This is all solid. Suspension and Brakes • The car has been tastefully and practically dropped on springs and shocks. • ALL the bushes inc ARB and rear beam have been renewed • The topmounts, ball joints, suspension arms have all been renewed • All 4 wheel bearing have been renewed • 280mm brake set up with Porsche 986 Brembos • 25mm upgraded master cylinder • New Discs front and rear and new mk4 rear calipers. • All renewed hoses and most hard brake lines • 17x7.5 BBS Replicas, Very good 195/40R17 tyres all round. Other • All interior panels complete • Black door cards • 10” sub in custom enclosure • 17cm Kenwood components up front • Amp and head unit included. • Light smoke window tint • Subtle body mods such as colour coding, rub strips removed • Powdercoated bumper mounts, rear beam, fan support etc. • Sparco Steering wheel, Momo knob • Relayed Lights, with daybreakers • Remote central locking • All locks matching, but only one key. The car has a complete secondary veg oil system. I scoured the internet for ages to obtain a cruise control stalk – so fully functioning c/c. The car is currently at 201,000 miles – don’t let that put you off, this is a really clean car completely fresh and ready to go. The engine has covered approximately 130,000 miles, timing belt changed within 20,000 miles. Oil, diesel and air filter within 5000. Brake fluid, PAS fluid and gear box oil within 3000. I have never had the car HPI’d, but if you look really closely there is evidence that the driver’s rear quarter has been professionally replaced at some stage – consistent with “previously repaired” on the log book. I'm under no illusion it's a show winner or a minter, but it was designed to be used daily, which it's proven time again. A few niggles I'm trying to get round to fixing: Rattle at idle, think it's the down pipe that needs a re-angle, i'd always intended to make a stainless one. I replaced the fuel sender with one from diesel, but it doesn't frigging work!! (Well diesel comes out but the gauge doesn't) The demister button doesn't work, It did.... I disconnected the veg system and haven't wired it back up yet It pulls to the right a bit (might get the tracking done) Wipers are 100% corrado spec - crap. Always intended to do a Lupo swap I think that's everything. I've tried to be honest as I can, I have nothing to hide so any HPI, mate who knows about cars, inspection is welcome. Will edit as I think of more stuff! Price is £3k, Location Bathgate. Will be sad if it sells - been awesome. in between rain showers - a pics from the weekend Motor Rear Side Brembos More pics and nearly the complete history I have http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?81896-Another-TDI!
  6. Grizzly - thanks for the nice words. Josh - Any luck with that info? sorry I haven't been on in ages & didn't see the message! Done just over 2000 miles since the MOT - nearly all smooth, and a milestone too :) in between rain showers - a few recent pics Motor Rear Side Brembos Got a few wee niggles to fix - the down pipe or something is a bit rattly at idle which is annoying, and the rear demist button has failed on me, just not found much time to work on the old girl lately :(
  7. Well I got there... MOT'd and Taxed today wooo
  8. Dunno - ropey old sheds seem to be about £2-2.5k, Minters seem to be £5-7k Mine is 100% refreshed everywhere, all bearing all bushes etc, very very clean shell, but ruined by a smelly oilburner (tee hee) so maybe circa £3600 no brembos, £4000 with.
  9. So a couple of little jobs complete now.... Ugly bastid New to do includes: - rebuild drivers mirror - add indicators - add seal to wings - add door cards and roof trim - might retrim my headliner as it's a bit dirty MOT....?
  10. not been up to too much - been a bit busy :( 130,000 miles of built up EGR ****e. Initially started with a screw driver, before resorting to 1/2 a jamjar of gun wash then some mr muscle The stuff is horrendous. manky crusty thick black goop. and to hopefully stop the egr doing it again, I'm contemplating blocking it off with a bit of MK4 bonnet cut to match the gasket - apparently this mod helps fuel economy too.... just doing totally exciting stuff like loosing my clutch pedal clip somewhere under the dash and spending 2h looking for it.... oh and repairing more cracked 20yo plastic bits.... and lots of screwing of dash bits (aka cracked 20yo plastics) :D Hemorrhaging money now.... :bonk: new glass and new rear calipers (bang) :cry: Thinking about selling it when it's done as I fancy something else.... anyone interested? :)
  11. I fancy going the otherwise..... Pondering it... :)
  12. I found after I had got over the fear of the car/engine/subframe toppling off their wobbly axle stand/jack etc and squishing my fingers I was better :) I separated the bottom ball joints and track rod ends to get them out of the way a bit. oh and rotate dteh dropllinks 180 degrees. Then tentatively lowered the subframe (engine held with crane) at the back before eventually prizing at them with a small wrecking bar. once I had enough room to get the clip up, they prized backwards reasonable easily. A load of rubber grease later and they kept spinning when I put them back in - I found a bit more levering with some screwdrivers and the were OK! I didn't actually find it that hard, it would have been horrific had all my track rod ends, ball joints etc not been replaced in the last 3000 miles. frigging sketchy balancing arrangement though :S Sad I didn't do it sooner so I could have flung the ARB in the powder coating pile
  13. been fiddling away, nothing much of interest... Drained and replenished the PAS fluid.... Re lined the doors and token sound deading More wood work to laugh at! Molested door card I was having a bit of a drippng oil problem - think this was the culprit, got a replacement one for £15 :) New filter and silly plastic valve of agony Final bush job was a pain in the bumholeo, but now aaaaalll of them have been done! :) Then I bled my brakes and the ****ting bleed nipple snapped in a rear caliper, so that led to much upset :bh so been for a 20m drive.... eveything sort of opertated :thumbs_up been having a bit of a strange issue with it not reving right - no fault codes though so need to look into that I guess. Feels like it has a blockage somewhere as its un responsive and wheeezy, but still seems to be boosting - so much so that it popped open a boost hose! I'm wondering if the EGR or inlet manifold is clogged up, not sure how it could be.... :bh
  14. Well after 198,000 on the original bushes tonight I treated my rado to some new ones. Anybody who thinks that is possible without dropping the subframe - you have my respect. What a pain in the ass! :D
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