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  1. Wow vrt was €1434 insane money there was a few forsale up north only 1 g60 in a while but always a vr6 what made you goto England for one? And was the boat expensive home?
  2. Yes a picture wud be great :) there is a company in America make a good replacement but it's $45 plus postage so works out £50 feck that
  3. Cut them if they are a pain in the ass jubile like mentioned above is the best way :)
  4. I've been lucky my previous owners have all left their cars in to be done and so far there hasn't been any bodge job finds haha only the chain snapped a year after I got it :( silly me for not getting it done straight away but it give no rattles until it snapped bent valves etc all replaced with gen Vw parts by a Vw specialist :( £££££
  5. Thanks need to get it fixed as I had to rip of the front grill (naf badge less one I was replacing anyway) in order to pull bonet cable by hand not sure the mot men in Northern Ireland will approve of this method haha
  6. Mine has a similar issue turned out the fuse box wiring was knackered fecking the whole thing up I tried everything before I found that fault was near about to replace the dizzy :0
  7. I've koni shocks on mine they are stiff but not as bad as cheap coils I've had in other cars tho they aren't adjustable I just have 40m lowering springs they used to be 60m but went to mot and found 3 where broke and 1 was shattered (really old springs) so decided to raise the car a little save the splitter on the speed bumps
  8. Even a second hand cable seems to be £60 ffs might have to make something up for it I can get a ford clip (hate saying that word on a Vw thread) for £8 looks the same to me might be an option or I seen an American company makes an alloy one for $45 that can be fitted with the cable still in place and shud never break again long term best option but I've spent so much on the vr6 not sure I can justify spending more on it atm haha
  9. It's just getting harder and harder to keep these fecking things on the road :(
  10. This clip has broke on my bonet cable can this be replaced on its own and where the hell would I find one I can't seem to see how the old one cud come off without either cutting it or cutting the cable as it doesn't fit over the head of the cable Thanks mark
  11. Probably shud start a new thread but do any of you guys know if I can replace this clip Without buying a whole cable as I can't see how ya would take the clip off over the head of the cable also anyone know where I can get one
  12. Finally with a lot of heat and hammering it's off :) now to track new bolts down
  13. The pipes are fine I have them removed and sanded one needed part of it replaced so I made a length of copper it's the actual valve itself lol just will not budge will get another crack at it tomorrow see what can be done I don't want to have to cut the bracket and refab it again :(
  14. Thanks for the reply we have grinded half the valve away still no joy had to take exhaust of to the middle section heated the valve and back of nuts till red hot cooled with water and repeated no idea how they are still stuck as heat and water has removed anything we have every come up against does anyone know if Vw still supply new bolts as I'm obv going to need 2 haha if and when I eventually get the b stard of the car
  15. So my load valve is away :( have new one here but can't get the fecking old one out. Heated front and back of it till it was red hot and poured water over it tried this a few times hammered the Allen key in nothing ****ed the head have the exhaust and all of it tried drilling the head of the nut took a grinder to it but the fecking thing will not budge are the nuts threaded through the actual load sensor itself or y the hell will it not come of any advice welcome before I burn the car haha Thanks Mark
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