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  1. Yeah give me a couple of weeks :rainbowafro:
  2. GB_SEAN

    What Wheels ??

    I'm looking at buying some 18" RS4's but what to know if I am going to have problems with the clearance? Anyone fitted these?
  3. The Standard Dimensions of the VR6 Speedlines is 6.5J X 15 PCD 5-100 & ET43 Can anyone give me advise on what is the max offset/wheel size that can be used when buying aftermarket wheels. (Without the use of adapters & std ride height)
  4. I agree, I need to modify it!
  5. Lights were cheap, and have to better than standard. Might stick on ebay and replace with m3 crystal types. The question is, do you keep it stock and wait for 10 years for it to become valuable? Or just forget about that and modify it?? And will that really effect the value that much? Corrado's seem to be cheap as at the moment as well !
  6. It's crying out for wheels and suspension.. Caught in a dilemma on whether to sell and try a WRX to see what all the fuss is about ..
  7. Possibly for sale... See here for work done: http://www.the-corrado.net/.archive/forum/album_ ... er_id=1752
  8. Called and my not eligible. What a bitch.
  9. http://www.theaa.com/allaboutcars/recal ... &makeId=E8 This is possibly the recall you mentioned but the build date is 83 - 84 ? Since when did they make Corrado's in this year? Hoping it's a misprint and means 93-93 which will put me in that catergory?
  10. Just need to get the number for the recall then. Failing that, on with the surgical gloves again.
  11. http://the-corrado.net/.archive/forum/album_pers ... er_id=1752 I did my own timing chains and hydraulic lifters at the same time. £1100 ! Sod that, get stuck in! It's easier than it looks... Just a bit knackering and hand battering.
  12. Kev, Surely that would not still apply now?
  13. My cooling fans, well either one or the other is making a right racket when I switch the car off. The car looks lovely when polished up but then the less impressive noise starts when I park up and the fans kick in. Talk about noise! and embrassment! My question is, is there a repair kit ? Failing that does anyone have some very good condition ones and help me save face when parking up :wink:
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