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  1. Is this to show how much they went for in 2013???
  2. Not a chance in hell your seeing a vsr shy of the £1500 mark.....If you do more luck to you :dance:
  3. V9 vortech super charger for sale £1800 Includes all in the picture V9 vortech charger Pipe work Bov 3 x pulleys one is higher psi gruvenpart Vdo gauge Corrado Air vent pod for gauge Bracket for charger K&n filter Post at buyers expense Up for 2k on Facebook will take £1800 on here P.m if interested or contact me on Facebook via corrado chat/corrado club gb Cheers
  4. Think I’ve just had my biggest chufties since owning the car 😂😂 Took it for a spin after having it serviced and to take it up to temperature. Came back and as I’m pulling in one of my elderly female neighbour opposite us comes out her front door.....we’ve only recently moved to this house and I’ve had the corrado under a cover for 90% of the time. I’m thinking oh she’s going to ask why it’s so loud/moan and she says Hello, I just had to pop over to say that car sound gorgeous! I bet it’s a bit of a beast.....she must be well into her 60’s I couldn’t help but laugh then had a chat to her about it.....didn’t take up the offer of a spin though
  5. I’ve just popped back on for a mooch, must admit Facebook is easier for me but that’s exactly why zuckerberg is rich Now where’s that heater matrix wiki....can’t get that on Facebook
  6. Hi Anna Is there a difference between the discounts offered to vr6.com this forum or the corrado club gb? Will be ordering both sides shortly
  7. I would honestly advise anyone to get someone else to do it, if they were thinking about it it was horrid will update on durability of it after a year
  8. Probably been asked a 1000 times but buggered if I can find the answer can a..... part number 1h0 919 506 a....... be used as a replacement for..... 1h0 919 506 whats the 'a' signify
  9. been off on this as of late, but finally got my arse into gear! underside needed doing as bits were stripped and I suspected water ingress, possible rust... the only bloody rust i found was the stuff showing, still peace of mind and all that! I wouldn't even think about doing this again If it required it i would have gladly paid, trying to get the old vw underseal off whilst under the car jacked up on stands was a ball ache! added my new hoses, upgraded the rear brakes which turned out to be a complete overhaul! cleaned the water bottle and got a new expansion tank.....still needs a tiny bit of welding before mot then I can possibly sort out a new sunroof, maybe have a look at the heater matrix! never ends....some b4 and afters
  10. ressurection! don't come on here often anymore,easier to jump on the Facebook group.....currently overhauling the rear braking system and needs a bit of under welding, once this is done I'm hoping to have it back on the road and get it to the lads at stealth to fit my supercharger..... can't remember if thats in the thread, but yeah vortech ;-) hi to all I don't have as Facebook contacts will update with pics once I'm done craig
  11. does the catch can do exactly what it says on the tin.....ie catch and vent it doesn't pipe back to anything else other than the feed
  12. Chufties for everyone.....modern classics magazine feature Affordable 90's coupes Corrado comes out tops too! Oh and a vr6 feature in evo magazine Both members on here I believe
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