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  1. Yes mine is a rayne loom, it's been fine for over a year, car has been off the road for a few months while I worked on it. I did disconnect the resistor. The lights all came on at ones with that connected up. It worked fine, must be the relays has jammed or problems relating to them. I'll have a play when I can next. Hopefully it's as easy as changing them :-) never normally is tho haha. Thanks m8.
  2. Hi, mine has 2 on it. The 2 fuses are fine. Everybody is saying it's the loom so I'm going to try the relays on it. Hopefully that all it is :) a massive pain as its dark by 4 now... Lol really appreciate everyone helping with advice. Thank you.
  3. Thanks for the help m8. It really annoying this has happened
  4. Ok thanks I'll have a look at this. Did you know the relay for inside the car? Might change this also if they are cheap :-) thanks m8.
  5. All the fuses etc look fine in the loom and the car
  6. Hi, yes it does. I did lots of research on one and got a good one. It's been no bother before. Was thinking its a relay or something? Could this be possible? Thanks m8.
  7. Hi people, does anybody know which relay is the one which controls the headlights? For some reason I have side lights but no headlights or main beam. Although the blue light still comes on when pushed. Just no light, possibly the relay? Headlight switch is brand new and have tried a spare just to make sure it's not that. Gonna try changing the relay for what they cost. Does anybody know what one it is? Thanks :)
  8. hi people, can anybody help me out with a place to go or d.i.y job of painting the chrome reflective part of the headlights, mine are both dull as the car is over 25 years old now. Has failed the mot this year and it really needs doing. Thanks :)
  9. I have just done my matrix, got mine from Gsf and it was perfect. My car is the 1.8 16v tho not a vr6, I went for the premium matrix. Going down the waterless coolant route tho now as I have put a new radiator and fan in also (as it was all drained) hopefully be fired back up this weekend. "Hopefully" haha
  10. Hi all, does anybody know if the 1.8 16v corrado have gearbox oil filter? I can seem to find one so I'm guessing they don't? Also does anybody know how much oil I need and the right way of doing it? Some gold dust advise on here and is always worth asking the expets first. Thanks for any help :)
  11. HI all, im doing my heater matrix on my 1.8 16v (kr) I have gone all out and taken out the dash. all has gone fine up until it came to taking the nut from the inside of the bulk head :-( the top one came off with no problems but the 2nd (lower one) is just spinning.. the nut and the bolt is just turning. I have been trying for ages to free the nut off and used all sorts of freeze sprays etc.. seems the only way is to angle grind the bolt off and replace when I can free the heater box. has anybody got any ideas? don't want to use heat as it will probably do more damage to the paint and the box.. thanks
  12. I'm currently stuck on mine. Something seems to be holding the dash in round the back and I can't seem to find what it is? Taking the dash out of my 1.8 16v as want to replace the foams etc.. Do I need to take the blower Moter and housing off is there fixings holding the dash at the back? I can't seem to work it out :-( any light would be wicked. Thank you.
  13. Ok I'll leave the 5th one. Where can I get the inserts from? I have seen the o rings on Gsf and vw heritage. Massive difference in the price for the injectors. Gsf are loads cheaper. It's just finding them inserts you mentioned. Did you know where they from? Thanks for the help m8.
  14. can anybody help me. I'm looking at changing my fuel injectors for new ones. Does anybody know if they are easy to change? Gsf car parts sell them £55 each and vw heritage sell them for £90 each. Does anybody know if the 5th injector (cold start) is the same as the other 4? Or do I need a special one for that? My car is a 1.8 16v (kr)on a G plate. I just want to make sure I get the right bits before I go diving in. Vw heritage day there's are all m12 size. Are all the kr corrados this? Any help from someone who has done there's would be brilliant. Thanks people.
  15. Car fired up after about 30 turns, was spluttering to start. Had foot to the floor and now it's fine . Deffo the problem with the fuel rail. Does anybody know what it actually is tho? Might get it services or fixed? Appreciate the help as always :)
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