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  1. graham1971

    ECU Wanted

    Thanks for the offer but it's sorted now. I bought a second hand ECU with the same part number and that's done the trick!
  2. I've managed to get hold of a second hand ECU with the correct part number and I'm going to drop it to the garage later today so fingers crossed. Does anyone know if there are likely to be any issues caused by the fact that it's not the original ECU for my car? Immobilizer etc?
  3. They did use the gismo that goes across the battery terminals obviously didn't help though! I just spoke to the garage and they said the immobiliser may be an issue if I just change the ECU, does anyone know if that's likely to be the case?
  4. You'd like to think they would but they just keep using any excuse and denying any liability. My otherwise perfectly good Corrado, which I drove on to their ramp has been stuck at this garage since late JULY!!! I'm very frustrated and desperate to liberate my car, they're even going to charge me labour for removing and replacing the ECU. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated! The sooner the better!
  5. I can see you adverttised this some time ago but do you still have it by any chance? If so I'll take it!
  6. The ECU has been cooked twice, on both occasions whilst the exhaust was being welded. I know there aren't a lot of Automatic VR6's left so I was worried that: A. It may have been a different ECU for the auto's so there'd be none left and B. I know it has something to do with the immobilizer so I worried that a different ECU wouldn't work. I worry a lot! Still haven't found one but I have now posted the correct part number 021 906 258 AG, I think the one I originally posted is the Bosch partnumber. If ANYBODY has one for sale I am open to offers! £££
  7. graham1971

    ECU Wanted

    I just got the unrepairable ECU back, the actual part number is 021 906 258 AG. I've been told that it makes no difference if it was on an auto or manual car. Has anyone got one for a quick sale?
  8. I just got the unrepairable ECU back, the actual part number is 021 906 258 AG. I've been told that it makes no difference if it was on an auto or manual car. Has anyone got one for a quick sale?
  9. It's great to hear there's hope! Thanks Hasan, if you have got one PM me your PayPal details and we'll get it sorted! If you haven't got one and anyone else can help please help!!!
  10. I've just been told that my 94 Corrado VR6 ECU (part no: 0261203108) is unrepairable by a specialist firm who have previously repaired it. Does anybody know where I can get a replacement part that will work or is this the end of the road for my pride and joy? I am gutted! 😪😪😪
  11. I had a "Longlife" S.S. exhaust fitted three years ago, just recently I've started hearing a loud, intermittent metallic rattling and thought the baffles may have gone so I booked her in for a checkup today. The "Longlife" exhaust chap put her on a ramp, banged around a bit and said the only thing he could see was the heat shield on the cat was loose so he surge protected the battery, welded it back up and I thought we were ready to go. I turned the ignition and it turned over but wouldn't start, I tried a few more times but still nothing. A mechanic from the attached garage came over, changed a few fuses and looked perplexed but nothing changed. My car is now stuck in a garage miles away from home while the mechanics are trying a new crank sensor. If that doesn't work has anyone got any ideas what to try next? It's a 1993 VR6, the engine was completely rebuilt last year a she had been running perfectly until today!
  12. That was my original point, in terms of the mag itself I agree with some of the above! Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  13. Has anyone else bought July's PVW magazine? This month's 30th anniversary Corrado pullout must have loads of your cars in it. I can see Daz's yellow G60, who else got included???! Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  14. You could buy a whole Porsche or TT for what this nutter wants for those Recaro's! Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  15. They'll stay there for the next 6 years too, barring hyperinflation becoming an issue! Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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