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  1. now for my turn 18- Seat Marbella '90 reg 843cc car, it was a beast to drive! 18-19 metro 19 - escort 20- rover 211 21- present car saxo vtr 21 - wanting vr6 bad!!
  2. for £200 you'll just get budget springs and dampers...................best save up for decent stuff like Koni/FK/Spax/Bilstein/H & R/Eibach etc etc found this while looking around : http://www.potn.com/p1280257.htm I am getting good at these quote's and urls links woho!
  3. whats the rough cost of that? couple of hundred? 500 tops?
  4. Diffently going to see it now!!! I will take in hand a buying guide and then i will see what happens, Never know you may get more posts of me on how to modify the car and what modifications to do first lol! Dog
  5. yep straight from autotrader its self 1994 L Reg VOLKSWAGEN Corrado 2.9 VR6 3 Doors, Manual, Coupe, 81,000 miles, Metallic silver with black leather interior. cd autochanger, Electric sunroof, electric rear spoiler, multifunction computer, electric windows and mirrors, mini disk, Heated seats, ABS, rear head rests, power steering, Central locking, full VW service history and warranty, stunning. £4,990.
  6. also a quick question people, a corrado that has done 81k and is L reg and is up for grabs for less than 5k with a garages warranty is this n e good or worthless?
  7. thanks for advice! No harm in looking and asking questions1 CHEERS AGAIN THO, its good to get advice
  8. Cheers will diffently consider going and having a look at it then
  9. Just breezing Autotrader today and saw an VR6 up for grabs from a garage and it claims the car is an ex autotec car. Is this good or bad? Am considering going to see the motor, your opinons please, if you have the spare time :D Dog
  10. Guys need peoples thoughts, At the moment Have got a saxo VTR 2001 13k ont he clock car, Am very much getting a Corrado but the thing that is sticking in my mind is changing from a car that has done 13k to a car that has done 100k??? Am i Mad or stupid or just doing the right thing and swapping while I can afford it and while the Saxo is still worth some money??? Cheers Dog
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