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  1. Took the Bonnet off to replace the soundproofing, Holts tar & glue remover, took 2 tins to remove old glue, bit fiddly but pleased with the outcome. Also just had the clutch replaced,was not happy with the previous, hardly any clearance Looking for a resistor for the fan/blower, can find a 4 pin but unfortunately mine is a 5, does anyone have a solution, as the part ( i'm told is no longer available ) --
  2. Appreciate the advice regarding the fitting of bonnet soundproofing, i think applying it could be interesting.
  3. Hi, Have just renewed myself to the Forum, Own a G60 in Nugget for the last 12 years, am the 3rd owner, love the old girl, done just 96k - Purchased some bonnet soundproofing, is it advisable to remove the bonnet to apply this?
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