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  1. Hi Guys, Anyone know what the 2 screws at the front of the sunroof motor look like? Anyone have a pic of them? trying to find them in my box of bits and literally have no clue as don't have the car anymore & ETKA is no help :( Cheers Steve
  2. Getting better fella Thanks, Slowly, but getting there Ha! It came off better than i did, sadly its all the plastics that have copped it....expensive :( Cheers Though
  3. Sorry to everyone who sent PM's, they are all now replied too. Had an "Off" on my motorbike & used a road sign as an airbag....it hurt somewhat :(
  4. Thats from a 9A 16v (2.0) Mine was a 1.8 16V (KR) so they didn't have them. Sorry
  5. Hi, No mine had 256mm as it was a 16V, I upgraded these to 305mm Brembo's from an Ibiza Cupra R
  6. Again, Apologies for late reply, not been on here for a while :( Yes I have them, drivers side has a scratch in it, passenger side is fine.
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