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  1. Yes I do! IF only it was 3-5 years in the future :puppydogeyes: Or I still had a garage :( £4.5k is just too cheap for dave's car!!! :bonk::bonk::bonk:
  2. Stuart Just buy it now - so u can loan to me when not in use :)
  3. I know guys I seen Dave's car in the metal - lots of nice shiny mods :) I must restrain myself!!!!
  4. http://the-corrado.net/classifieds.php?listing=corrado-vr6-black-1994-215773
  5. Now this I want! Bargain! What's worse I am looking for a car with £6k cash too!!! :( :( :(
  6. Lol No worries - I read your comment on my VR6 thread and thought "wot?" :eek: Lol Enjoy your cars :)
  7. Lol No more fixing / tinkering please! I had my fair share already!!! :eek:
  8. Lol Cheers Tom! :thumbleft: Funny enough there is a Mk1 RED Octavia with LPG :) on eBay now - did consider it until I noticed "NO MOT" :( Just ended!
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