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  1. Hi fendervg, thanks for the reply. I need it in black. May just have to buy a new tailored one.
  2. Hi, i am looking for a Driver side front floor mat if u have one. Please PM me if you can help. Thankyou.
  3. Ok great. Will give the mechanism a good clean and lube. Appreciate your help gents. Thankyou.
  4. Hi guys, i have a problem with my speedo not working along with the spoiler which does not raise at speed. It does work manually off the switch. I found the 10A fuse was blown so replaced it and all was good. Took it on the bypass, spoiler came up at correct speed and then as i slowed down at the roundabout and spoiler started to retract the car cut out...... Speedo stopped working.... Fuse blown again. Any ideas on why that is....??
  5. You are a star Mark! Anyone know how much these will lower the car by or how I could work it out??
  6. Hi guys, I need some help with my central locking please which has never worked. Today I can hear a constant clicking from the rear driver side door card. Is it the module that is faulty or a wiring issue? The drivers window always closes when the ignition is turned off. (Not sure if that is relevant) My electric mirrors have also never worked and the switch doesn't light up.
  7. Hi guys, I need a set of dash clocks for my 1992 2.0 16v. Needs to be circa 124k if possible. I have the late body but early interior if that makes a difference. Please PM me with details. Thankyou.
  8. Tabbi

    VR6 Cig Lighter

    Hi guys, I need a cig lighter as mine is missing. PM me with details please. Thanks.
  9. Hi guys, im sure it has been covered on here somewhere but i was wondering whether it is possible to flash ABS codes on a VR6 without a scanner?? It has the OBD2 style plug.
  10. Am i really going to have to buy a new set.... lol Come on guys, someone has got to have a set of springs or coilovers knocking around.
  11. No longer required. Thanks.
  12. Still looking for a full set of coilovers or springs...
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