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  1. Ok thanks all for your comments so far. I like the idea of Zinc Coating. Tempted to do that then Hammerite spray hmmmmm 🤔
  2. Hello all, Been some time since I've been on or really given my Corrado, projectDG any real love 😔 Anyway that time is over and I'm back to getting her sorted and cruising the roads again soon, fingers crossed. As title says, powdercoat or 'Hammerite'?? I'm stripping the running gear off atm and it's in need of refurb and I'm curious what folk lean towards with paint/protection finish of these parts. Is it purely cosmetic or is there any real benefits of one over the other?? Thanks for your thoughts in advance, take it easy all 😎
  3. Well I know this reply is awefully slow but I was asked to give an update to the roof seal issue when done and finally here we are 😊. So after being messed about by couriers with a sunroof seal I had bought from eBay that never arrived and had to get a refund for, I purchased a genuine seal from VW Heritage for many pennies. Today I finally got around to fitting the seal and at first tried to fit it with the roof in, took me ages to get it close but not right. After a quick scan in here there was a very helpful post by VAG-hag saying there's four wee bolts holding the roof in. So I followed the advise and removed the roof and the new seal (after a quick trim) now sits nicely it position 👍. I fitted the seal with the ends meeting at one of the sides of the sunroof, this is how it was when removed so I put it back as was before. (Apparently this is how VW do it). I will say that although not the most complexe of jobs to do, it is a bit fiddly, especially trying to get the ends to meet nicely and ensuring the felt thats glued on doesnt come apart from the rubber. Why the 'genuine seals can't be cut to exact length I don't know...?? 😖 So there ya go, hope this info helps or at least wraps this thread up nicely. Cheers all, Westie 😎
  4. Ok thanks. Got myself some SKF bearings ordered 👍
  5. Hi everyone, As the title says, I'm in need of changing all of my wheel bearings on my VR, fun times for me. What's the brand and supplier of choice for a good robust wheel bearing?? Any info is much appreciated. Cheers all.
  6. Apologies for the slow reply. I bought one from EBay in the end, there are a few sellers on there and I went with a seller who's based in Germany and I believe produces them. I'll give a report on fitment and quality when I receive it. Hope that helps.
  7. Found some :) Thanks all.
  8. Ah brilliant, thanks for the info. Do I ask the Stealers for it, or is there somewhere else I can get it from?? Cheers.
  9. Hello all, Just a quick one, my VR's sunroof felt strip around the outside of the metal outer roof panel has deteriorated and now the white rubber seal underneath is trying to escape. :( Does anyone know if there's a way of repairing it or am I looking at a new/replacement roof?? Be a shame to have to replace the whole roof unit as it works fine other than this. Cheers.
  10. Thanks Jim. Yeah I agree and having discovered more threads on here, does seem a waste on a stock engine setup. Good news tho, the coil pack or whatever the problem was has gone and the VR is happily beating on all 6 cylinders nicely now, has done for the last couple days. Think it was being mardy at me for leaving it stood a bit :D
  11. Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone has a performance coilpack fitted to their VR?? Reason I ask is my current standard one I believe is starting to give up, as turn over is a little lumpy, maybe a cylinder or 2 down and research on here points to the coilpack being the issue. I luckily have a spare from my scrapped Golf VR, but I was wondering if performance ones like what MSD offer are worth it?? Many thanks for any advice and experiences.
  12. Oh that sucks, well I'm fortunate that I have a spare axle, so if the stiffness ruins the ride I'll swap it over again. Thanks for the help all :)
  13. Righto ok, I'll try the cut and saw method, fingers crossed it'll come apart without too much of a fight. As for the give, I'm not too worried, I've got a KW v3 set of coilovers fitted so with these fitted too I'm hoping she'll corner like an F1 car, possible future track toy :)
  14. Hello everyone, I'm restoring an old rear VR axle and I'm hoping to change the rear trailing arm bushes for a set of powerflex ones I've bought. I was hoping if anyone had the vw special tool 3111 I could borrow it or maybe someone send me the specs for one so I can have one made?? Many thanks :)
  15. Ok thanks, I have spotted them online and they look like the people I'm going to go with. Many thanks BILLZEEBUB :)
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