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    Soo.... I'm not much of a mechanic but without taking it in to get looked at I've concluded its the charger that's effed up. She runs and everything only issue is it takes off really slow and a min to get up to speed. I read online those symtoms are of a bad charger.?
  2. benny13


    Anybody know the best place to send my lader to be remanufactured in the USA thanks
  3. Haven't had much time to work on my radio g60 due to work but it runs and sounds good only issue is that it doesn't take off fast at all. I'm no mechanic looking for help or suggestions on what it might be I should be looking into. Thanks
  4. benny13

    How much

    Lol dumb phone flipped the pic on me. I'm from the states
  5. Guy says his engine blew and is selling his 91 g60 for parts. Haven't seen pictures yet but says everything in excellent condition. Around where I live I've never seen another corrado and its a small town. So what would be a good price to throw at him to take everything and use it as a parts car for myself?
  6. benny13

    Super charger

    Looking to find the best re Build kit online. Any links?
  7. Just bought a 90 corrado g60 this weekend and not sure where to start with the diagnosis. Hints tips are welcome thanks guys and gals
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