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  1. Hi Jon


    Sorry for the late reply I am still making lines.

    The cost to make them is eye watering as vw unions are expensive even with my trade discount.

    Still people are willing to pay because a ) they original and look great. B) they will prob last another 15-20 years.

    The green steel genuine lines are coated. During the bending process , sometime nicks in the coating can occur, normally minor, and can be dealt with some green paint.

    I’ve not had any complaints as yet from the sets ive sold.

    One main issue I also face is the cost of postage with 6 ft lines. And packaging them safely. This cost can escalate? Would you be able to collect? I can post all other lines no problem except the longer front to rear lines.

    Please can you confirm if your car is right hand drive, model year , engine type and if you have abs.

    I can then provide options.

    Regards alex

  2. Hi all, Before I go and get all bits together and build up thought I would see if anyone has a forged low comp Vr block or even better full boost ready big valve engine. So before I go and get a load of bits from schimmel if anyone has the above or a set of 263's please let me know Must be low miles and have zero issues and although is a massive longshot it's always worth an ask :)
  3. Dervice

    Obd 2 conversion

    Hi all, just seeing if anyone has all the bits to do the obd2 conversion they want to sell? Have a golf vr that I was going to use as donor but may use it as a daily for now. If you do please let me know, thanks
  4. Well, update on this...just had a voicemail from them saying that the system hadn't been updated and that unfortunately they cannot get it in as they are now obsolete!! Nice chap saying if i needed any help at all to get touch so will give him a call back in the morning see if maybe he has an idea of where to get one although i doubt it. Back to square 1 again :bonk:
  5. Thanks to all for your help :)
  6. Whoa not kidding, just spoken to VW and quoted the part number Ian gave £72.18 inc VAT so cheaper. Will be in tomorrow morning so have ordered from them.
  7. Already done this a few times with various things, fast learning the nature of this beast! seems to have solved the issue though for now, I did change the inlet hose as it had split quite badly but the problem was still there, fingers crossed this was the problem.
  8. Thanks Ian will give that a go :)
  9. I tried VW heritage and they didnt have any. Strangely 2 guys at VW didnt have a clue what i meant even with searching! Thats why i have asked for the part number but will try classic parts, thanks
  10. Hiya mate i will take one for a 93 vr6 if you have any left?
  11. Hi guys, Ive had an issue with constant stalling at junctions/roundabouts and seems whenever i dip the clutch, the revs drop and the car dies. I have found the problem to be the dashpot being very slack and offering no resistance when throttle is off and the TB is slamming shut. I have temporarily solved the problem by winding it right up and it is now doing its job but of course isn't optimal. Question is after trawling the forum and various places online is where would i get a new replacement? Can anyone point me towards somewhere that would have them? Thanks in advance
  12. No problem mate, thanks anyway :)
  13. If you could mate that would be great thanks
  14. Anyone got one of these please ? I need the large pipe that comes off throttle body to maf and am also after the pcv hose as mine aren't in good shape. Must be willing to post or collection around the portsmouth area. Thanks in advance Ben
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