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  1. I'll see what I can do bout that mate. The arcing I was told by a Volkswagen guy that the noise sounds like my water pump bearing or something along those lines. Yeah that's true actually I just don't have a lot of money haha so it's gutting no matter what amount. The firing order is correct as far as I know as it was fine then suddenly started doing it and got worse and worse over time. If the leads were in the wrong order wouldn't it have done it from the start? Km not hugely mechanically minded. The distributor arm and cap is the only two things I haven't changed other than the maf sensor. Now when I took the old plugs out they did see a lot white. Is that not too much air getting in?
  2. Hi folks I've posted a couple things in here about problems I'm having but I'm at the end of my feather now! I've changed fuel pump, filter, spark plugs, fuel pump relay, checked fuel lines as far as I can go and still nothing! The car is still juddering majorly allllll the time and has bugger all power. I've spent near enough £130 quid for parts the now and has been a complete waste! Really needing as to what it could be. Thanks Scott
  3. Yeah the multi plug is what I mean. I've just googled it. I'm not greatly mechanically minded I'm afraid. And I can't see where to upload fotos to this thread.
  4. Yeah it's with the ignition off. I've found out that it's the relay that's making the judder but the noise appears to be something else. Its coming from the main cluster of wires in between the engine and the washer bottle I'll get a foto up tommorlw to show what I mean. Its just like sparking. Theres about 10 wires at a guess. Different colors. Might well be something to do with the relay but unsure. Not a nice sound.
  5. Hi guys I never seem to get a reply on here but hopefully I will this time as I desperately need help. But perhaps I'm just doing something wrong and no one is seeing my threads. Basically the last few weeks my 92 vr6 has been juddering when driving and majorly when pedals further down and has been seriously low on power. I can feel the car wanting to slow down basically even when my foots to the floor and is juddering and stuttering. I changed fuel filter, fuel pump, spark plugs, oil and filter and still no luck. Seems to be getting worse and worse as the days go on. When I put the ignition on there's a strange buzzing/sparking/electrical noise coming from the engine somewhere and doesn't go away. Its as if its trying to power something but can't hence the lack of power. Really needing help with this. Would be much appreciated folks Thanks Scott
  6. Alright folks. Having a bit of a problem. I bought a vr6 about 2 weeks ago and for the last 4 days roughly its been slightly juddering under load but only in low revs. Very slight judder when accelerating. Also when it gets to the high revs there's less power than normal and I can feel the car trying to slow down even with my foot to the floor and it doesn't pull or have near as much power as normal. Ive changed the oil and plugs and fuel filter and still no difference. Really need help guys. Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. First saw one like 2/3 years ago and loved the look of them every since and that was on TV! I've never seen one in person round my way there's not very interesting cars haha. One question I do have: I take it the engines are strong and last a long long time? Just coz almost everyone I've seen has done a lot of miles (ie:130k and above) this doesn't bother me but just wondered if it was an issue?
  8. Appreciate the comments guys! I'll get my car I have the now sold then save up as quick as possible and sort out a decent one rather than get caught with a dodgy bugger trying to scam me. Had scammers before and it wasn't fun! Hopefully I won't need to wait toolong, really really wanting a corrado now!
  9. Ahhh that's real bad luck:/ I've seen that one on Gumtree and looks proper nice like. I'll have a think on what to do mate wouldn't mind one that needed work like but it wouldn't wanna fall into a trap like
  10. They look so nice the corrados like! What sorta price you after mate? I'll probably not be able to afford it but might as well ask haha
  11. And any kind tbh. Would love a 1.8 or 2.0 but any I would be happy with:)
  12. Thanks man appreciate the info:) I'll be sure to check those things out if I go to look at one. And my budget is emmbaressingly low tbh as i know i couldnt afford a decent one so after one that at least has Mot and drives doesn't matter how bad it looks etc but as long as I can still at least use it. I got offered one last year that needed bulbs a respray and interior bits and bobs and I couldn't insure it:/!! I can insure one now though!
  13. Alright folks, completely new to this and forums in general. I've loved the look of corrados for a couple years now but never been able to get one or insure one. Really really wanting one now and finding it more than difficult! Only got a small budget so obviously I know I won't get a mint condition one just after something that at least has MOT and drives. Even someone who would swap a project corrado for a good condition civic Sr coupe. I've not been around VW's a lot so would be good for anything to watch out for faults etc. Cheers, Scott
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