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  1. Thanks Wendy, I'm going to give him a call as soon as I can, so appreciative of everyones good feedback so thank you all.
  2. Thanks all, does anyone know what he charges for rebuilds? I've emailed him yesterday (hard for me to call during business hours) but no reply yet. The more I think about it the more I'm leaning towards rebuild rather than conversion...
  3. Hi swiftkid thanks for your reply. As daft as it sounds I don't really know what I want to achieve as such. There's arguments for each of the 3 engines. Part of me doesn't want to deviate from the original vr6 engine, another part of me wants to go power. Basically, the way the car runs now something drastic needs to be done so if I ever want to go r32, nows the time to do it. Thanks for another good report on Stealth though. I will get in touch with them this afternoon and take it from there :)
  4. Thanks both for your replies, I'll get in touch with them. Southerner88 I shall have a look at your thread, doing a build myself though is not an option, my skills probably wouldn't even fall into the 'limited' category lol. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for your reply, Stealth Racing is another one I've heard mentioned so might give them a go. I'm in Leicester so probably easier than Jabba. Thanks again :)
  6. Hi all, can anyone recommend any specialist garages in or near the Midlands? I've been recommended Jabbasport, any views on them or anyone else? As a bit of background, my VR is running like **** - plenty of blue smoke, noisy, and this week i had the crank sensor changed and the old sensor came out with metal shavings on it. I want to take it to a garage and basically say "just do what needs doing" without being ripped off. This brings me to the second part - if, as i suspect the engine is stuffed, I might go down the conversion route. I want to stick to 6 cylinders which makes the r32 logical. I've not looked into this in much detail - has anyone had it done professionally and know (roughly) what I can expect to pay - or recommend any other lumps? Thanks.
  7. Cheers, it's really appreciated. Engines on roughly 135k, in all honesty it's hard to say how much oil I've been putting in as it's recently had an oil change and its been driven pretty infrequently by me since, because of the issues I've been having. I just monitor the level every fortnight. I'm a couple of litres into a bottle i bought a couple of months ago but as i say it has had a full change it the middle of that period.
  8. Thanks again rado, this is all really helpful. Final question for tonight i think - am i right in saying the 2.8 vr6 head is the same as the 2.9 and I'll have no issue fitment wise swapping everything over?
  9. Hi Rado thanks for your help. No leaks from what i can see, certainly nothing ends up on the driveway. Sorry for the properly ametuer questions, but would a refurbed head be likely to have any positive effect on compression or is it more likely deeper lying issues?
  10. Hi Sean thanks for your reply. I read somewhere there was a lower limit of 109psi but how correct that is i don't know. I'm struggling to find any official figures for what is and isn't within limits. Thanks
  11. Hi guys, my VR is having a few 'symptoms' so to speak and I need some guidance as to what may be the issue. The car is burning oil, particularly when you put your foot down and get above 3k rpm. Despite this, up until recently it ran fine. It's began bogging when low down and power is down. My local garage have identified issues with the crank sensor and a subsequent overfuelling issue, but having done a compression test found cylinder 2 was down at 120psi - the others all at 140 (I thought this was within tolerance??). It can be particularly tappy as well now, this seems to come and go. I guess my questions really are - is there anything more likely to be causing the oil burning and could the issues be related? I know it's probably hard to answer until the engines opened up but I'm just looking for likelihoods. Thanks.
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