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  1. Got a chance to go digging into my car today. The crank sensor is fine (for now at least). However the wiring for my hall sensor is pretty ghetto and in poor condition, so I'll start with that. Anyone know a good place online where I can find a harness?? I'm going to local parts store electronic cleaner and carb/intake cleaner for isv and throttle body, hopfully that will keep the code away. Thanks for any input. Really want to get her going before snow is gone!
  2. Engine codes were 00515, 00518, and 00513 which came up as no signal crank sensor. I don't know what the others are exactly. In November crank tested 538ohms, don't know if that's an indicator that it's on the way out or not. When I get an opportunity I will test again, but I've been busy, hopfully soon
  3. Hey everyone, so my 1992 vr6 died randomly while driving, barely got it going to get it home (idk how). Seems to have fuel but no spark, I plugged into vagcom there were 3 codes, one crank no signal which I know is normal. One other was hall sensor which I know is good, the last one is unknown but I have number. I cleared them out and started rough but cleared out and died 10seconds later and no start again. Only code was crank no signal upon recheck. Any suggestions? Coil is new, distributor relatively new, new temp sensor (blue), maf tested good, crank sensor tested good 2 months ago but haven't checked again, ground strap (earth strap) is hooked to icm from block, is that normal? Only thing I can think is crank sensor, but I'd figured to check before spending 200+ for a new one
  4. Brand new distributor, so hall sensor also brand new. I have new plugs and leads to go in from ngk just haven't gotten to it yet. I just thought it was weird that it would flip symptoms like that being pre variable intake
  5. When I unplug maf the engine dies, which is usually an indication it works right? There's no one near me with vag com that's willing to help, everyone where I am sucks
  6. Hey everyone, my 92 vr6 seems to loose power at 4k rpm. It pulls hard until 4k then suddenly fells like a 4cyl until about 5k and picks back up again. Also less often but occasionally it's backwards. As in no pull until 4k then takes off. Only thing I can think of is clean the intake system with seafoam. Any other ideas?
  7. Yea my thoughts exactly haha now just need to chase the mouse out of the cabin
  8. I kept searching in other places on the Internet and found where the earth strap went and reattached it, and it started up, haven't done a long test yet. Still have to put some things together. Thanks for all the help though
  9. Got a ecu ending in M read would work replacing P. Still didn't fix issue! Still a ******* to start and doesn't stay running long. Smell fuel but no spark/ signal. I'm going to try using electrical cleaner on big round plug and plug for ecu. Is there any other suggestions or anyone that's had this issue? And solved it?
  10. Plugged in new ignition switch and nothing, going to order ecu off ebay
  11. Yea when I get a chance I'll pop it in and try it. I've looked around and found that there's a bunch of them I can use in mine, just the letters are different, numbers are same. Thanks for all the help I'll be sure to post results
  12. Yea, i have one just haven't put it in yet, I'm having a hard time finding an ecu so I guess I'll try that in the meantime. My ecu number is 021906258p, it's a 1992 vr6 2.8 manual transmission, are there any other part numbers that would work?
  13. Thanks, I replaced my whole dizzy, cap and all, it wasn't too killer on price so I figured it wouldn't hurt
  14. Intermittent but it just kind of chooses when it wants to start or not and it's never same amount of time. Could be 1 second could be 20 min, but it is becoming harder and harder to start. I'm not sure if there is an American equivalent but I do have a few salvage yards around where I live. I'll go around and see what I can find
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