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  1. Sounds like it may be the exhaust , either hitting the rear axle or rear bumper .
  2. Yeah I am sure there are other faults with sensors or whatever .This light has been out for some time and abs is not working but as you say I will need to check pcb and bulb first before moving on to checking the rest of the system .I am hoping to have a fault reader check to see what this reveals . Dave
  3. My soldering is on a par with my welding , a bit rough but I am sure I can find someone who can . Dave
  4. The bulb and pcb are there and have not been damaged . I assume to replace the bulb it has to be desoldered and removed . What is it replaced with and does anyone know where to get one ? Thanks , Dave
  5. Thanks , mine is the later one ! Sod’s law . It looks like it may be the bulb that has failed .Can this be replaced ? Where would I source one ? Dave
  6. Hi guys , my light doesn’t light and it looks like the fault is with the printed circuit board / light . Can anyone supply me with a working one or advise best way to fix . Thanks , Dave
  7. Someone on here earlier suggested a golf tee with a hole drilled for the cable , tried that and it worked a treat . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. The sheared stud is held by a captive nut on the bumper iron if you can push the bumper up while pulling it forward it should come off
  9. Bumper should still come off with a sheared bolt and you can get improved access to weld a nut on the stub to get it out Dave
  10. Dave-e


    Joined vr6oc several weeks ago and have not received the promised membership pack .Payment has been taken but no reply to email queries . Is this typical of their (dis)organisation or am I just unlucky !
  11. Dave-e

    Mystery part

    Thanks guys , I suspected it was from that area but wasn’t sure , I should now be able to suss it out and refit it . Thanks Dave
  12. Thanks Goldfinger ,tried that and it works . Job done . Dave
  13. Dave-e

    Mystery part

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]90215[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]90218[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]90221[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]90224[/ATTACH] Hi guys , can anyone tell me what this part is , I think it’s from a Corrado ! Dave
  14. Hi guys , I am having difficulty trying to upload photos from my iPad , can someone who is a bit more tech savvy than me ( not difficult ) post an idiots guide . Thanks Dave .
  15. Thanks guys , found one . Dave
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