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  1. Xto

    Pls email me details and interior pictures of the car to [email protected]

  2. Hi, I am more car driven than budget. So I'd rather see all cars rather than say "only cars at £x" But I'm looking as per original post for cars where the owners have put in effort and where it's a true enthusiasts car
  3. Hello All, Have been a bit of a lurker since joining but have been reading a lot of threads. i am looking for a show car or a massive speced Corrado ( turbo/ supercharged) im really looking to use the car rather than it being some garage princess. Please can anyone selling or even thinking of selling contact me. Thank you. Kr, Xto
  4. Is this still for sale? Also KirtB can you show me where you can buy more of a car for less?
  5. Hi All, I am looking for a car that has been well modified already. If anyone is looking to sell their car please message or email me.
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