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  1. guess that got broken or lost by whoever did the swap, and yes it looks crap but cant see it from drivers seat
  2. Could be from you m8, the clip is the issue, it’s not broken but just doesn’t grip the handle bracket, It holds the cable nicely and is fine when I pull but as soon as i release it instead of the inner returning the clip pings off and the whole lot moves I’m going to blob some strong glue on it later and I reckon that’ll sort it
  3. its being caused by the *******ing new cable being a load of ****e despite the clip not being broken it just pops off at the handle end, no wonder i cant get it to work ive devised a little mod that will sort it hopefully, just need daylight to do it so hopefully will get an hour after work tomorrow
  4. not sure on the model but checked today and they are wolfrace
  5. its got a few mods already, rolled arches, slammed, debadged, wiper removed etc, priority is getting a bonnet that opens and a sunroof that works would be a bonus
  6. no idea at all im afraid, ive gto to take the fronts of to wind the suspension up a bit one day in the week while i still have a sump left
  7. linkage tweeked and now have easy 1st and reverse, its not a fan of 5th but i can live with that, bonnet is being a ******* still,
  8. another happy customer here cheers guys, only issue now is it crunches going into 5th if i go too far to the right weird this car
  9. heres a couple of pics of my firts vr6
  10. cheers read all this last night so thats todays job if the mrs and kids give me any peace
  11. cab;e is new and well oiled, drivers side releases lovely passenger side just doesnt like moving at all, need to strip the mech down and clean it all up by the sound of it
  12. highly likely, might chuck some moly slip in as well
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