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  1. I received this the other day. Wanted to know - Did you trim the aluminium pipe by the throttle body end? I offered it up to the car and it seemed very close to the brake fluid reservoir even with the pipe right up against the throttle body (with no silicone pile in between) Or do you have a pic from above to see how yours fits. Thanks again
  2. Many thanks for all your help. Much appreciated!
  3. Or is this what you mean http://www.autosiliconehoses.com/silicone-polyester-reinforced-hose-76mm-45-degree-elbow-15-colours.html
  4. Perfect mate! Thanks for the speedy reply Will press the button on it and get one now! Do you have any pics or link to the 45 degree elbow you mention. As this was my only concern; clearing the strut area....
  5. Did you go ahead with this. And if so did it work/fit ok?
  6. 2 Suspension front turret top blank caps as new 1H0412359 £ 5.00 pair Still available?
  7. Virdee

    VR6 cams

    Sorry now sold pending collection.
  8. Virdee

    VR6 cams

    I’ve got a set of 263 cams sitting here now. Ordered two sets for me and my friend. But he’s now backed out! Message me if anyone’s interested. Thanks
  9. Virdee

    VR6 cams

    Schimmel performance
  10. Virdee

    VR6 cams

    Have spoken to Bill at SP. He is willing to sort us out something depending on numbers. Was wondering if anyone else would be up for purchasing the cams, so that we could share the postage and/or get a better deal with quantity.
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