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  1. Hi Looking for a radiator for VR6. any ideas where to buy one from? thanks.
  2. 1994 Corrado Vr6 90k on the clock in ice violet. The car has two owners registered on the logbook, but the last owner inherited the car when his uncle passed away but never drove it. The car has part service history as the guy who inherited the car could not find full paperwork, but you can tell the car was well looked after. Since in my ownership I have had full service done, ISV replaced, Wheels refurbed in gunmetal grey, new battery, 288 brakes set up with new brake lines and Cat 1 Clifford alarm. The car's body is in reasonable condition for its age with some lacquer spotting on boot, minor dings on the door, stone chips on bonnet and graze on the front bumper. The car has cloth interior which is in immaculate condition, the spoiler and sunroof fully operational. The only other thing worth mentioning is the car has humming noise which it has had before my ownership and has been diagnosed as alternator bearings, but it has never bothered me and it drives beautifully. I am looking for £4200 for the car which is more than reasonable price for the car. if you would like to view please contact me on 07894502370 and the car can be viewed by appointment in Wolverhampton.
  3. hi please forward your email i will send some
  4. All Orginal Corrado vr6 for sale. I bought the car last year after a long search for an original one. the car had been untouched and unused for a long time. with 1 careful owner who passed away and left that car as an inheritance to his nephew who did not want it. since buying it, it has had full service, brakes updated with beaded hoses, new ISV, alloys refurbished with new tyres, fresh mot and clifford cat 1 alarm. all things are working and have been checked over by local VAG specialist. After driving it this summer, I have realised that it's not for me. as simple as that. so I am after someone who would love and cherish this car in the way it deserves. the car is in much-wanted ice violet. there are few stone chips on the bonnet nothing alarming and small dent in the crease of the driver door only noticeable if you stand back. the interior is black and purple cloth and is in immaculate condition with no rips tears or marks. 5.5k or possible swap for T5.
  5. hi have you still got this?
  6. k14rn

    Borbet A

    16 inch et 15
  7. k14rn

    Borbet A

    HI fellow corado owners. I am looking to buy Borbet A for my corado VR6 1994. they are 7.5j front and 9j rears. i understand from various posts on forum already that the fronts will need spacers of some sort and 9j on rear should fit without any mods. is this correct? if so what mm spacers will i need? i also intend to put coilovers on it at some point. what is the lowest i can go without car having any rubs. i don't intend to do any mods. any help will be much appreciated.
  8. hi mate, are you still selling these looms?
  9. all thank you for your help. going to buy my first corrado this weekend. fingers crossed i will be one proud owner.
  10. thanks mate for clarification. can the fabric be swapped for leather if i wanted to? Also one more thing if you could shed some light on. What millage do the cam chains and tensioner on vr6 need to be replaced and what would that roughly cost?
  11. Hi Everyone, i am new to the forum and looking to buy my first corrado VR6. Always wanted one but could never afford one. there seem to be a lot on sale at the moment. One question i have is why some VR6 have leather interiors and others are fabric various styles. I know that Storm came with Leather heated seats as standard.
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