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  1. The mk2 jacking point repair plate looks to be somewhat smaller than the corrado section, would this have any effect on the structure? Or is it more a "take what you can get" with these corrado specific panels?
  2. HI all So this weekend I made the mistake of poking around the floorpan as the sound insulation was damp when I removed the carpet. What i found instead underneath after some digging was not only a some holes in the floorpan but the front "connecting plate" in bad shape with the bit of the pan above it rotten out where it meets at the sill. It looks like everywhere but the jack point was used for lifting this car in its life :( [ATTACH=CONFIG]95721[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]95719[/ATTACH] How is that plate attached to the pan? Would it be possible to remove it to repair the pan above it as it's not accessible from inside the car? Is it possible to get a replacement section or am I stuck trying to "beef" my current one back up again? Thanks
  3. My vr6 Pierburg fuel pump gave in recently and I replaced the intank assembly with bosch P/N 0986580823, however it only fits the newer VDO style sender If someone wanted to swap a VDO one for my Pierburg one as I have no more use for it that'd be ideal, otherwise straight cash is fine In Northern Ireland so would need posted Thanks
  4. Hi everyone I started up my 16v project for the first time only for it to wet herself Looks like the black plastic fuel pump housing / swirl pot is where it's coming from It looks like it's been repaired before so I don't think repairing it again would last all that long AFAIK it's almost identical to the mk2 golf 16v one, but anything that'll fit under there would be appreciated I've got a new pump here, and the accumulator looks in decent shape, so it's just the plastic I need Condition doesn't really matter, so long as it stays dry where it should Thanks
  5. If the price is right count me in. The only current alternatives I can find are from a german company called RSR on ebay, but I'd rather not spend £350+ on a pair of unknowns
  6. Hi all TL:DR: OBD2 maf broken, possible to replace MAF insert from maf from more common engine of that era? After trying to chase down what I thought were lambda issues it turns out the element in the MAF had snapped which by the sounds of it would cause VAGCOM to show roughly the same symptoms, no difference with it plugged in or not so it's knackered. The rado has an OBD2 swap from a 97 golf. Is there a 4 pin MAF insert from a more common engine that'll slot right into the old housing, or is the VR6 one specific? Part No.s: On housing: 021 906 462A On MAF insert: 671 20 1 A(?)
  7. Hi all Just wondering what this black connector on the fuse box side of the steering column loom is for The pinout for it seems to be: 1 - J/08 2 - H1/05 3 - H2/08 4 - J/04 5 - H2/06 6 - H2/04 7 - H1/07 8 - NC All seems to be for the indicators and would probably explain why my indicators/hazards aren't working Also worth noting a mk3 golf SC loom doesnt have this and the indicators/hazards work as you'd expect with it fitted Thanks [ATTACH=CONFIG]91567[/ATTACH]
  8. banjaxt

    1993 vr6 ecu

    I'm looking a VR6 ECU with part no 021 906 258 AG Current one looks like it was water damaged Cheers
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