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  1. Yep, half way down the patterned bit - it even got to the bottom and the warning light/buzzer came on (this was the first I knew of the heavy oil usage!) Confession time - I did once over fill the oil….. I'm thinking your all going to start shouting that this is the cause of the issue????? From what I've described, is it fairly safe it’s not the head gasket? Was I right about the water levels? Thanks a lot
  2. Oh I see, thanks for clearing that on up - the problem is I haven't seen any smoke but then I didn't when the head went last time?
  3. Thanks Roger however I don't really understand what you mean by 'give it the go after over-running down a hill'? Thanks
  4. Oh no don't say that - a little local garage.
  5. Bloody hell I hope its not the head gasket.....again! That was only done 5 months ago. No there’s absolutely no oil leak and there’s no smoke of any sort although the water is an interesting one (I know.... your all thinking the head again) but this may just be down to my lack of engine knowledge (I push a pedal and it goes). When cold the reservoir doesn’t seem very full at all. In fact there’s nothing in it other than the main hole in the middle has water but that’s it. I think that’s just the way they are when cold and that when it’s hot, it may be full – not sure?? If as I hope it is the stems, what’s the damage for getting them sorted? Thanks
  6. 300 miles and I have to top the oil up - nearly empty if giving it some, only half empty if taking it easy. Also, seems to be running rich, strong smell of exhaust fumes and the exhaust is brand new. It isn't running very well anyway. seems to have lost some of the umph - any ideas? 1.8 16v - pre cat Thanks as always
  7. I've checked every fuse in the box under the dash - is there any other area I may find when lurking?
  8. Hello, Anyone know which is the relay for the sunroof? The sunroof has no power going to it (I checked by turning on the ignition and interior light and then pushing the sunroof button) and I think it must be a relay, as there doesn't seem to be a fuse for it. I've found that one of the relays (light blue in colour) has slight staining on one of the plug legs. I think the number of the relay is 63 or 67 - could it be this one? Thanks as always Steve
  9. I've noticed that I've got a very loud squeal coming from the front wheels. Also when at speed on the motorway, if I break hard I get a hum - is it lightly just to be wheel bearing?
  10. I've noticed that I've got a very loud squeal coming from the front wheels. Also when at speed on the motorway, if I break hard I get a hum - is it lightly just to be wheel bearing? And another thing.... some toff in his brand new M3 slammed into me on a single track lane doing about 60mph. Fortunately he went up the bank so didn't hit me straight on but did completely smash the front wing (drivers side) crack the bumper and remove a small amount of paint from the corner of the bonnet......Bastard! Anyone any ideas of the sort of cost I may have to front? PS I had the squeal and hum before the crash
  11. When pulling away I'm starting to get a judder. If I slowly bring the clutch up without using the accelerator its fine, it just seems to be when I apply some gas? The gearbox is sloppy and crunches when putting into fifth (unless I slam it in hard (as it were)), but I've had the car for over a year now and the box has always been the same. I've recently had the clutch done - could it be that its not setup right? Thanks as always
  12. My word I started something here! Good that we managed a little Pop at the oracle (Henny) though :-)
  13. I was being mean and apologise. Henny, you've saved me a fortune with your advise but your such a smart arse lol
  14. Paddy won the Monte Carlo Rally in 1964 :-)
  15. being Irish did you do it in reverse (sorry :-))
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