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  1. The exhaust has been sold I'm afraid. Beefore you messaged actually. I didnt get this notification till just now. Sorry mate, hope you manage to get one.
  2. Hi all. I hope everyone is keeping well. I can't be sure I'm not breaking rules as this was originally a "cars for breaking", but this is the updated list of parts I have remaining from the Corrado I stripped a few years back. I'm not a commercial seller. These are all my own personal items and I just want them to go to a good home. Photos are avaliable on request, or you can see them in my older posts. Those previous posts are a bit messy as I'm not very computer literate, but I'm getting better. I also didn't have notifications on my phone, so I missed a couple PMs, which I can only apologise for. It won't happen again. The part numbers should be accurate but only to the best of my abilities, so again, if you are unsure what a part is I can send photos. All parts are used and some have small amounts of wear, some are a bit rusty but as far as I'm aware, they are all in working order. Obviously full refunds if something doesn't meet expectations. I also have pretty much every bit of wiring from the car, half of it cleaned up. I can't see it on the list for some reason, but for the lot I'm asking £150 collected and £200 delivered. Part Number Part Name Price £ (Inc P+P) O48103772 Oil breather valve assembly 10 O51133399F Fuel injection metering head cover trim 20 S6643K Clutch slave cylinder 15 357199353A Rear gearbox /engine bracket mount 22 051133357b, 051133373f, 051133997b, 048133455, 027133649d Air intake full assembly / tubing/ housing + Idle control valve 70 027103217e Crank case breather hose 10 535867587, 535867588 Boot lid left and right trim strips 25 535867591 Boot lid center trim 32 536853845, 536853830, 536853829 Water deflector scuttle panel trim, 3 pieces 50 535827873 Rear spoiler motor mounting bracket. 30 536937593A Fuse box bracket 18 536867180, 536867179 Interior door pull/ grab/ handle. Pair (can be sold seperately) 60 054133459b, 0280142153, 051133969a Fuel breather purge solenoid valve + bracket with rubbers + hoses 50 Item Sold Item Sold Sold 535941535b Fog lamp switches 10 535959855E Passenger door window switch 12 535959621A Heated rear window switch 10 535941531 Headlight switch 25 535863284A Cigarette lighter 12 536823530 Bonnet pull lever 10 191853601H Front grille badge matte black 15 191853601 Rear VW badge 22 535857739, 535857740 Rear seatbelt latches 30 535867198, 535867197 Grab handles 15 536819724, 536819723, 536819361A, 536819081 Air vent housing/ guides 3 parts. 25 1220522017 Ignition coil/ transformer 12 536858061 Air vent grille cover trim 7 867881633 Seat tilt lever 15 535121343A Radiator cover trim piece 20 357937039 Fuse box 40 ??? Rear view mirror 12 1H0907379B ABS ECU 20 358614141 ABS system reinforcement plate 25 192419523f Steering column joint rubber boot/ Gaiter 15 535867149D Karmann front speaker covers/ grilles PAIR 22 536857209, 536857210 Karmann dash speaker covers/ grilles PAIR 18 535953503P, 535953519A MFA, Wiper stalk, Indicator stalk and hazard switch assembly 28 321857961, 535864263a Center console/ handbrake tunnel cover INC rear ashtray (small crack rear hole) 25 535867601 Cover for rear tailgate/ bootlid lock 12 1ho 959855B Sunroof switch/ Interior light 15 ??? Interior sunroof seal (felt grey) 22 261200858 ECU + retaining plate/ bracket 25 1ho919506a Cooling/ Radiator fan relay 10 535955713a Rear wiper motor 25 ??? Wing mirror trim (interior door trianges) (Pair) 20 535419955 Power steering knuckle joint 22 535943121 Rear license plate light and bracket (some surface rust) 20 535867592 Bootlid interior trim/ cover (missing 1 fastner/ clip/ screw) 24 535867288, 535867287 C pillar trim (pair) 40 1H0O121407, 191121109K Coolant expansion reservoir and hose 18 120469689/ 690 Alternator 40 051063AA Throttle body 55 KS1054905377 Ignition detonation knock sensor 10 357199354H Engine mount bracket 25 ??? Gearbox support bracket 30 536857104A, 536857125A Glove box and front flap, no cover 27 536857243 Instrument cluster/ speedo surround trim 25 536863240 Footwell/ floor air vent guide/ heating duct 25 536863240 ABS pump heat sheild. Rusty, needs blasting. 12 191012219 Original wheel nut brace/ socket wrench 15 357711188 Gearbox change balance weight 15 357927903A Harness for speed sensor loom 20 358614105 Brake servo 50 191422372b Power steering fluid reservoir 12 358614301 Brake master cylinder and fluid reservoir 25 536819707b, 536819707c, 536819708b, 536819708c Air vent rotary inserts set of 4 25 357955531 Wiper washer relay 12 191953227a Hazard + turn signal relay 6 857951253, 141951253b, 191937503, 857951253b Multi use relay – glow plug, fuel pump, horn 20 191955529 Rear wiper wash relay 8 535862254, 535862263 Sound absorber for central locking pump 12 535863858 Sound absorber set for seat support 22 535905851 No other part number. Steering column, no key!! 55 536857926 Stowage compartment 35 ??? Full exhaust system excluding manifold. Not in great condition. Make an offer. Can be sold seperately Offer ??? Carpet cover trim strips pair 45 Luggage compartment wheelarch carpets. 30 each 70 all 3 Front wiper motor mechanism 35 192819051, 192819355, 192819031c, 192819052A Complete air blower heater matrix ducting assembly 65 Space saver spare wheel 35 Gearbox full with drive shafts and steering rack still attached. 200 collected 300 delivered 300 Carpet. Main floor 60 Subframe assembly. Rusty. Needs blasting 100 Under dash tray stowage compartment (passenger side) 25 358614117 ABS pump unit 70 535201355 Fuel line, fuel filter, supply 25 536721555 Throttle cable 25 535201374 Fuel feed pipe 15 Under dash tray stowage compartment (driver side) 25 Petrol tank (not complete) Offer Door shut, kick plate decals 20 Floor mats 25 Engine (partly disassembled) (sold as one lot) Collection price 250, delivered 350 350.00
  3. Hi there. I'm in Chelmsford. I honestly wouldn't know. The boot floor was sunken, but I'm not too clued up on wether it was raised compared to other models. I will find an old photo of the inside when I still had the car and maybe that will tell you. This was after wire wheeling the surface rust but It's probably the clearest photo I've got lol Hope this helps.
  4. Honestly, this is the last part. Probably definitely 🙄 Space saver spare wheel - £15 collected - £35 posted Complete air blower heater matrix ducting assembly - 192819051, 192819355, 192819031c, 192819052A - £30 collected, £70 posted Carpets - Main - £30 collected, £65 posted Boot Carpet - Floor and wheel arches - £40 collected, £65 posted. Petrol tank - Collection only!!! No Straps!!! Floor mats - passenger front a bit worn, drivers side front very worn.... understandably - £25 posted Fuel line, fuel filter, supply - 535201355 - £25 Clutch slave cylinder - £20 Brake lines - Collection only!! - £30 A-Pillar Trim - Did I not post these already??? I dunno. PM me a price. Glove box front cover - £18 posted This part from the front end that bolts to the subframe..... don't know the proper part name or number. Quite rusty. £25 collection, £55 posted.
  5. In this section - Engine, gearbox, wiring , carpets, subframe, dash, crossmember, headliner, rear seats, exhaust, heater matrix and maybe a couple other bits. Engine. While stripping the car, I partly dis-assembled the engine. Nothing drastic and I was very careful. I'm not a mechanic but I am good with hand tools and I googled everything before taking it apart. It was solely out of curiosity and I had the intention of doing a full strip and rebuild. This was a few years ago now though and it has been sitting in my shed, under a plastic sheet since then. Prior to removal, the engine ran fine. Very slight judder, but it just needed a service. I mean, if you are thinking about putting it back together I'd advise a new head gasket, but I'm a painter/ prepper, so you probably know far more than me to begin with.😄 I'm looking for £400 collected or £500 delivered. Delivery seems to be very pricey (understandably) and any advice on that subject would be gratefully accepted. I am open to offers. GEARBOX - When dropping the gearbox out, I obviously tried removing the shafts and steeing rack, however some of the allen key heads seemed slightly rounded to begin with, and then attempting to remove the good ones was difficult as they were pretty tight, so I thought "I'll leave that for another day". So the price includes everything in the photos, however if you don't want the gearbox and just want them, or vice versa, I'm happy for you to come have a go at removing them. I'm asking £200 collected or £300 delivered. WIRING! - I have removed the horrid black tape, cleaned, organised and cable tied 50% of all the wiring. When originally disassembling, I ended up snipping some wires, but I haven't unplugged anything that I didn't need to unplug. The photos may explain it better. I'm asking £150 for the lot collected or £200 delivered EXHAUST! - Right, this whole exhaust system should be fine but it has plenty of surface rust (including inside the pipes) and I just can't work out the quality of it. If you know a lot about exhaust systems then you may be able to inform me. I'm not asking a price, just make me an offer. Bear in mind if I have to send it, it will probably cost me in the range of £50. Headliner! - I had this re-trimmed when I was re-spraying the shell, but as I never put it back on the car, the edges are peeling away, so a little glue will be needed.... Other than that, the fabric should be 100%. I also have a couple meters of the fabric leftover somewhere. £50 collected, £120 delivered. Not an easy thing to get delivered. Considering how fragile this thing is, I wouldn't even trust it with a courier. I'd probably deliver it myself. If that were the case I'd just work out the fuel costs +10%. As long as it's UK. I'm good with driving to the top of Scotland. Recently drove to Loch Ness. Stunning. Recommend 100%. Spoiler control switch. This isn't big, I just missed it when I was adding all the small stuff - £8 SUBFRAME! - Rusty as hell. Needs a full on blasting. £50 collected, £100 posted CROSSMEMBER - I sandblasted this at work and just aerosol etch primed it. The rubbers/ bushes actually still look good - £30 collected - £70 posted. REAR SEATS - KARMANN - Fabric. In good nick to be fair - £35 collected, £110 posted. LOADS OF RANDOM AND VARIOUS CLIPS, RUBBERS ETC. Job lot - £25 posted. GEAR SELECTOR - £30 collected - £60 posted. DASH! - I can't promise nothing is broken on it. Can't find a decent price online. Make me an offer. OK there's maybe 6 more bits coming, but I'll upload those tomorrow. Thanks for your time. Hope you are all well.
  6. Hope you are all well. Here are some more parts I have left. Glove box and front flap, no cover - 536857104A, 536857125A - £27 Instrument cluster/ speedo surround trim - 536857243 - £25 Footwell/ floor air vent guide/ heating duct - 536863240 - £25 ABS pump heat sheild. Rusty, needs blasting - 536863240 - £12 Wheel nut brace/ socket wrench, original, as far as I can tell - 191012219 - £15 Gearbox change balance weight - 357711188 - £15 Harness for speed sensor loom - 357927903A - £20 Brake servo - 358614105 - £50 Power steering fluid reservoir - 191422372b - £12 Brake master cylinder and fluid reservoir - 358614301 - £25 Air vent rotary inserts set of 4 - 536819707b, 536819707c, 536819708b, 536819708c - £25 Wiper washer relay - 357955531 - £12 Hazard + turn signal relay - 191953227a - £6 Multi use relay X4 – glow plug, fuel pump, horn - 857951253, 141951253b, 191937503, 857951253b - £20 Rear wiper wash relay - 191955529 - £8 Sound absorber for central locking pump - 535862254, 535862263 - £12 Sound absorber set for seat support - 535863858 - £22 Steering column, no key! - 535905851 No other part number - £55 Stowage compartment - 536857926 - £35 Carpet cover trim strips pair - £45 Front wiper motor mechanism, some rust, check photos - £35 Under dash tray stowage compartment (passenger side) - £25 Under dash tray stowage compartment (driver side) - £25 ABS pump unit - 358614117 - £70 Throttle cable - 536721555 - £25 Door shut, kick plate decals - £20 Thanks. Feel free to PM me. All the big stuff will be in the next thread.
  7. Yeah it's still available. If you look at the photo you can see there is some wear. The usual amount that you would expect, but thought I'd check with you. I've attached a couple more photos for clarity. Let me know if you're happy and I'll PM you my details
  8. Hi there. They're grey I'm afraid. Yeah, my phone is a bit rubbish so the photos aren't the greatest.
  9. OHH, I just checked the actual spoiler relay and you're right, the part number is different, it's actually 535919845C. I had put the part number for the spoiler control SWITCH, not the relay. Thanks for pointing out the mistake. I have organised all this on Microsoft Excel, but there's no level of organisation that can help being a dumbass. Let me know if that is the right one and if you still want it, and I'll PM my paypal.
  10. See parts 1-3. In this part I will try to compress the photos, so will hopefully get a lot more in. I am computer literate, but only just. 😃 More photos can be provided upon request. Rear-view mirror - £12 ABS ECU - 1H0907379B - £25 ABS system reinforcement plate - 358614141 - £25 Steering column joint rubber boot/ Gaiter - 192419523f - £15 Karmann front speaker covers/ grilles PAIR - 535867149D - £22 Dash speaker covers/ trim/ grilles - Pair - 536857209, 536857210 - £18 MFA, Wiper stalk, Indicator stalk and hazard switch assembly - 535953503P, 535953519A - £28 Center console/ handbrake tunnel cover INC rear ashtray (small crack rear hole) - 321857961, 535864263a - £25 Cover for rear tailgate/ bootlid lock - 535867601 - £12 Sunroof switch/ Interior light housing - 1ho 959855B - £15 Interior sunroof seal (felt grey) slightly work + needs a clean - £22 ECU + retaining plate/ bracket - 261200858 - £25 Cooling/ Radiator fan relay - 1ho919506a - £10 Rear wiper motor - 535955713a - £25 Interior door/ wing mirror trim (Pair) - £20 Power steering knuckle joint - 535419955 - £22 Rear license plate light and bracket (some surface rust) - 535943121 - £20 Bootlid interior trim/ cover (missing 1 fastener/ clip/ screw) - 535867592 - £24 C pillar trim (pair) - 535867288, 535867287 - £40 Coolant expansion reservoir and hose - 1H0O121407, 191121109K - £18 Alternator - 120469689/ 690 - £40 Throttle body - 051063AA - £55 Ignition detonation knock sensor - KS1054905377 - £10 Engine mount bracket - 357199354H - £25 Gearbox support bracket - £30 More to come soon including engine and gearbox!
  11. Sorry for posting in multiple threads. After this one I will find out how to make photos smaller... more images available on request. Rear VW badge - 191853601 - £22 Rear seatbelt latches (the tape is just holding the bolts + washers on, I can send photos of fixings if requested) - 535857739, 535857740 - £30 Grab handles - 535867198, 535867197 - £15 Air vent housing/ guides 3 parts - 536819724, 536819723, 536819361A, 536819081 - £25 Rear lights/ lamps bulb holder (both sides) - 321945259 - £15 Ignition coil/ transformer - 1220522017 - £12 Air vent grille cover trim - 536858061 - £7 Radiator cover trim piece - 535121343A - £20 Rear lights full set - £35 Fuse box - 357937039 - £40 More to come soon.
  12. Hi. Last time they were used they worked perfectly. Someone has asked about the window switch just before you, so if they confirm, I will have to sell it to them I'm afraid. If not you will be next in line. Are you still happy to take the ASB switch and spoiler relay in the meantime? Thanks.
  13. Hi there. So after checking, the drivers side switch has one of the fixings (see pic below) but the passenger side has none. Is this the fixing you were talking about? If so, let me know as soon as you can if you want the switch, as someone else has also inquired about them. Thanks.
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