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  1. Hi everyone, the Corrado has now been sold. Thanks everyone for the advice, tips and enquiries during the process !
  2. That is the registration number. The last MOT expired Nov 2013. The car was off-road since then and is SORN. The MOT would have been in N.Ireland, not sure if your web-site shows these as MOT's here are still carried out by government centres rather than approved garages. If you have any other queries please let me know.
  3. Price now reduced to £4500 - keen to sell as going on holiday soon. Still getting a lot of enquiries, appreciate N.Ireland isn't the handiest location for lots of people. A couple of enquiries have priced getting it delivered to England and it would be around £400.
  4. Hi everyone, the VR6 is still for sale. I have had a lot of enquiries, a few viewings a quite a few tyre-kickers :) I am going to be travelling quite a bit with work in the next few weeks so keen to get it off my driveway. I have reduced the price to £5k to try and seal the deal. Very good value for low mileage, two owner VR6 with good service history. Feel free to get in contact if you might be interested.
  5. Thanks Leon for sending. I appreciate Northern Ireland isn't the handiest location for anyone interested. I know a few people on the forum are from N.Ireland. I'm happy if someone local on the forum would like to have a look at it in person even if they are not looking to buy it. They could then perhaps answer any questions independently about the condition etc.
  6. I’m not sure Leon, I always remember the seats being like that and I don’t remember him saying he changed them at any point. I posted the options codes from the original purchase sticker so not sure if those shed any more light. His wife didn’t have great mobility due to a medical condition so unless the extra wear was around how she had to manoeuvre to get in and out.
  7. Hi Everyone, Quite a few enquiries about the car but no offers yet. A few people were asking about the spec. I have posted a picture of the delivery sticker which shows the various options (these can be decoded on-line on a few VW sites). I have also taken a photo of the service book to show how frequently he serviced the car when it was being driven. Any other questions just let me know please. Thanks, Angus. [ATTACH=CONFIG]96675[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]96676[/ATTACH]
  8. Thanks for the replies everyone. The seats move still on both driver and passenger sides. One button adjusts the seat height at the back, the other adjusts the back part of the seat. The seats still have the usual lift-bar at the front to slide the seats back and forwards. In terms of location the car is about 10 mins from George Best Airport in Belfast. Happy to pick anyone up and leave them back if they are genuinely interested. Belfast International airport is about 30 mins away but again no issues transporting someone if needed. It is also about 15 mins drive from the Belfast to Liverpool ferry terminal. If you have any questions or need me to post a video of anything just let me know please. Thanks !
  9. For sale - my late uncle's pride and joy his VR6 Corrado in Midnight Blue. He was the second owner, the first owner sold it in to him after 8 months in 1993. The car has 99k miles on the clock. The dash was swapped out due to a fault at around 40k miles and this was noted and stamped in the log book, hence the mileage is currently showing as 62k miles. Bodywork including the original paintwork is in good condition for a car of this age. There are a few minor scrapes and chips. A mechanic has checked under the car and given the bodywork the once over and has advised that it is in really good condition. There are a few small spots of corrosion on the wheel arches but would be easy to fix. The interior is apparently very rare with Recaro cloth and leather electric seats. He didn't have any kids so the back seats have never been sat on. The front have some wear and tear on the leather but have been told this can be easily refurbed. The car was serviced regularly by Agnew's in Belfast and has a comprehensive VW service history. I have put a new battery in the car and it is starting and running smoothly. The electrics seem to be working well - the electric seats and rear spoiler are working as can be seen in the photos. The ABS light is staying on when the car is started. The car has a Laserline Thatcham immobiliser with two electronic keys. The car was MOT'd up until the end of 2013. Unfortunately due to ill health my uncle was unable to drive it after this so it sat under his car-port without being driven for the last 6 years. Having sat for a period of time, the car does need some TLC. A good service, and any of the perishable parts are likely to need replacing. Wheels and tyres seem in good condition. The car is currently SORN. My uncle would have loved the car to go to an enthusiast who can enjoy the car as much as he did. The car is in Bangor N.Ireland and would be a great option for someone looking for a project to take on. £5950 ONO. Please feel free to get in contact on 07713 741 490 for details. [ATTACH=CONFIG]96659[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]96665[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]96661[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]96662[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]96663[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]96664[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]96660[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]96666[/ATTACH]
  10. Hi Ger, no the car won't be in Saintfield until the weekend. My uncles is mystic blue. I have attached a bad quality pic that I have on my phone but will put better photos up once the car is moved. Thanks [ATTACH=CONFIG]96629[/ATTACH]
  11. Hi everyone sorry for the delay in coming back on this. There were a few other affairs needing sorted for my uncle before I got around to the car. Good news is the car is starting and turning over. Have put a new battery in it. Needs new discs and brake pads. I don’t intend putting it through the MOT as whoever buys it will likely want it for a bit of a project. I am away with work this week but hope to put it up for sale at the weekend with some photos. I have moved the car from Newcastle to Saintfield so it will be a bit easier for viewings for anyone coming from Belfast. Will post back when it’s up for sale. Thanks !
  12. Thanks guys for the quick replies and the condolences. The car was kept in his driveway so unfortunately not dry storage. He did have it washed quite often even when he couldn't drive it as it was his pride and joy. It originally had a very short reg of XOI8 and used to be seen quite regularly around Belfast and Newcastle Co.Down. It has the full service history, but haven't come across individual invoices for work done yet. I'm pretty sure he mentioned about having the chains replaced at least once during one of the major services at Agnews in Belfast. As expected, it will need a new battery before even trying to see if it will start. I guess naively I had visions of trying a new battery and the car maybe starting and being able to see if it could make it to the MOT test centre to see if it at could pass the MOT or at least I would have an idea around what would be needed for it to pass. Having read some of the other posts I am wondering if it is better not to even try that and leave it up to an enthusiastic buyer to be the one who does anything precautionary before starting it for the first time in a few years. In terms of advertising, do you think a forum such as this is best or some sort of specialist classic website is better ? Good to see there is at least one other person in Northern Ireland Ger who likes their Corrados :) Interesting comment about being aware of traders - two of the three people who have expressed an interest so far are in the trade. Is your warning just about them offering a crap price ? It is great to see that the fanbase and passion that my uncle had for the Corrado has not waned over time ! I should be at his house in the next week so will try to get some photos.
  13. Hi everyone, my uncle passed away just before Christmas. His pride and joy was his VR6 which he purchased in 1993 as the second owner. The car has 103k miles and a full service history. Unfortunately due to ill health he was unable to drive the car for the last 6 years. It is currently SORN and needs MOT'd. The paint work is in great condition without any signs of rust. It even has the original VW first aid kit. There have been about 3 people already making enquiries in the neighbourbood about what will be happening with the Corrado. I just thought I would check with the forum to get any tips for selling it and what people thought it might be worth ? They seem to vary from about 2K-12K. It was always a lovely car, I just don't know enough about cars to take it on as a project but would be keen to find it a good home for someone who loves Corrados like my uncle did. Someone offered me £800 for it a couple of days ago then jumped straight to a final offer of £1500 without even getting into the car or seeing if it would start. Thanks, Angus.
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