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  1. Sadly this car has been sold to an enthusiast who knows about the problem. We are glad its going to a good home and not being sold for parts. Hopefully a Corrado on the road for many more years. Thanks for everyone's help and time taken to try and help.
  2. No longer looking for a metering head.
  3. Not had much time between rain to get at the car. New temp sensor read the same ohms as the old one. Must be my meter! Sadly didn't solve the problem. At least it is ruled out cheaply.
  4. Did a check on the coolant temp sensor ( 2 pin connector to left of dizzy. 2300 ohms at room temp. 400 ohms sitting in freshly boiled water. So its working but a bit out of range maybe?
  5. Lots of great info from everyone. Looks like its a weekend with a multimeter. Will report back. Many thanks everyone.
  6. Hi. Head gasket good. Was my first thought. Timing all good too. Runs beautifully cold. No fumes when rough.
  7. Thanks. I've only ever tested single pin ones before. Body of sensor to either pin to get resistance? Sorry. Probably a basic question!
  8. That makes sense. I've read so many threads elsewhere on this. Your reply answers this perfectly. Many thanks. First thing I'll check next weekend. Cheap part at least! Will check resistance first.
  9. Confused by these sensors. I'm reading that the 2 pin one is the radiator fan switch. The fan comes on correctly when hot so I'm assuming its giving the correct reading. Is it also communicating with the ecu?
  10. Excellent info. Will start with coolant sensor. I know that just unplugging it makes no difference.
  11. Thanks. Lots of useful info. Going to go down the temp sensor road. Only 2 by dizzy. Think one is fan sensor. One to guage? Also one bolted to top left of engine. Also will check wiring from new lambda now i have some pin numbers. I have stopped him just buying stuff hoping it will fix it. Trying to be more methodical. New dizzy cap, rotor, coil and leads. Pulling each plug lead makes no odds so pretty sure its fueling so ecu getting wrong into from somewhere. He's now bought a cheap car to keep him going and takes time pressure off sorting it.
  12. Thanks very much. Isv is new and have checked for broken wires on the tps as that is a common problem. I think the sensor must be ok as all is good up to 80 degs . All good suggestions though . Thanks.
  13. I'm having one last go at solving this on my son's car. Hoping someone has solved a similar issue. Car starts and runs perfectly when cold. When the water temp reaches 80 degs small idle surges start happening. This becomes rough running. Once up to full temp he says its almost undrivable. The engine will run ok at high revs but is too erratic to drive normally. When sitting at idle at full temp it runs rough but with occasional moments of smooth running for a few seconds. Have wiggled everything to check for obvious poor connections etc. Replaced Lambda, isv, coil, all leads. Checked plugs. Checked and repaired all air leaks. There were some solits in the air intake. Checked maf. Checked mixture, timing. Next thing to try i think is the wiring for the lambda. Do the wires go straight to the ecu? If so what pins on the plug so i can check continuity. Any ideas other than that? Cheers
  14. Hi. You asked if im still after a metering head for a 2.0l 16v 9a Corrado. Does that mean you have one going?

  15. Many thanks for your reply. I'm trying to sort this replacement for my son so I'm afraid I'm not going to go into the problem as it's been covered elsewhere and he's had professional advice. I really appreciate your interest though. So at this stage I'm searching for a replacement. I think many have ditched this troublesome engine and put in the VR6 so hopefully there may be a few metering heads lying about. Thanks again.
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