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  1. Hi my engine has done 72000 miles and I have a AAA engine. It’s a really strange one because I’m sure people will tell you it’s impossible but the guy that done my conversion seems to think that the mileage all tallies up with service records mots from new so it’s possible this was the original engine. My car was an import from Germany when first built. And there were some 2.8 Corrados built in America so he thinks it’s just slightly possible I have a original 2.8 Corrado VR6, anyway. My auto gearbox was terrible really clunky and I really didn’t enjoy it. It worked but needed a proper strip down and the manual selecting on it no longer worked so it was no fun. Best thing I did was have it converted and have had no problems was slightly stiff at first but now having done a few miles it’s absolutely fine. So for me it’s been great. I did have it done at a reputable garage though.
  2. That’s the ones yeah they done a great job
  3. Hi I’m selling my auto gearbox for a Corrado on eBay. + numerous parts pedal box shifter cover etc does anyone have any idea as to what would be a reasonable price to ask for as there are none for sale anywhere as a reference, thanks.
  4. Yeah the ecu for the transmission is gone this is the ecu that’s in the scuttle in the engine bay that has needed a refurb
  5. Hi gents. Ive had my car converted. Brilliant firm called VW Panelkraft in Stevenage. They’ve also got to the bottom of an idling issue I have on the car which has turned out to be the ecu. Anyway I have a automatic gearbox and many other auto parts, I am going to put them on eBay to claw some money back as this work is going to cost me quite a few £. But I thought I’d mention it on the forums to see if anyone is after some parts and I can help them out. Let me know thanks.
  6. Ah ok thanks I know I have a leak on the oil cooler and have been meaning to get round to doing it. So it could be that and it’s all of a sudden got massively worse. It looked on top of the oil filter but hopefully as you say it’s the cooler. I might ask them to change the gaskets when the take out the gearbox. Or as you say the sensors. Hopefully they will do it.
  7. Thanks everyone i think I’ve found the culprit, I disconnected my blue temp sensor on the thermostat cleaned the contacts and it has been sweet since. I’ve ordered myself a new one as it’s not a big job if I start getting trouble again I shall swap it. have my car booked to go into the garage for the conversion soon and today just gave the car a run and it’s absolutely pissing oil.😬 It appears to be around the oil filter but on top of the filter. I’ve not long changed the filter. Could it be i’ve disturbed the gasket when changing. Is this a common one? sorry to be a constant source of questions.
  8. Having a problem with my idle guys running rough. It’s not a case of car runs better if I disconnect my MAF, if I disconnect it it is still awful, but I’m finding if I disconnect my MAF. And then plug it back in. Sometimes spraying it with contact cleaner then plugging it back in the rough idle goes most of the time. Would this be an indication that I need a new MAF or is it still worth having the car plugged into diagnostics? Thanks.
  9. Hi gents. Does anybody have a decent original gear knob for a Corrado VR6 they could sell to me. I have the stick and gator but the gear knob is pretty bad.
  10. Brilliant thanks for confirming
  11. Hi one other thing regarding this conversion, when I changed my head gasket some time back I noticed my engine code is AAA which means I have a golf VR6 engine I assume. Do I need to find a golf VR6 gearbox does this change things for me, isn’t the golf VR6 a six speed as well. I would prefer my Corrado as a 5 speed manual.
  12. Thanks for this that’s helpful 👍🏻
  13. Ok thanks for that that’s really kind. I shall keep that in mind.
  14. 👍🏻 I’ve tried a couple of online breakers and have asked them if they can list everything I would need I’m just waiting to hear back from them.
  15. Yeah paid to have the fluid redone and filter changed+ gasket. Not tried Lubeguard. But I’ve also had a problem for ages now where I have been unable to select gears manually. It’s as if it just stays in D. I thought I had solved it when I cleaned the contacts on the Neutral safety switch, I think that’s what it’s called and for quite some time it was working fine but again it’s now not working again. And in my mind I would just really like to have the car as a manual, before it becomes to difficult to source a gearbox etc for it. I know the auto box is rare but I’m just not enjoying the car at the moment because I fix it then something else starts playing up with the box a few weeks later.
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