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  1. Hi thanks for your response. The problem is I changed a load of parts when I took the original coilpack off (and threw it away!) I then left the car for a while in the garage. I have checked the 3 pins on the Ecu and I’m getting 9.5 at each... pin 54 is the one I believe should trigger 2/5 cylinders. I’m also getting 9.5 at the connector so I’m sure it must be coilpack....
  2. Hi, Yes took the leads off 1 by one and made them arc on the inlet manifold. 4 spark and 2 don’t... The coilpack is a topran and new.... unfortunately the car has been off the road years. Should I buy a new bremi coilpack or do the ford conversion? I’m in North Yorkshire
  3. Yes, I’ve tried different ones on there and never get anything out of 2 and 5.
  4. Hi, I have an issue where I don’t get spark on cylinder 2 & 5. Now the car hasn’t run for a while and various other issues, so I put on a new coilpack... it’s had running issues with both coil packs but I’m not sure if the same issue! I checked where the wire that powers 2/5 and it goes to pin 54 on the Ecu.... with ignition on I get 9.5v to that wire... is this correct?? Before I buy another coilpack I want to make sure I haven’t got a wiring issue! Many Thanks.
  5. jprocter

    VR6 Timing

    Thanks for the reply, really appreciated. So I put it all back together and now have a screeching noise from the gearbox end of the engine it will only run for 3-4 seconds at a time then kinda starves itself! Either I’ve put it together incorrectly or the replacement injectors/rail or fuel pressure reg is rubbish! Joy!
  6. jprocter

    VR6 Timing

    Thanks, I’ve put it back together but with a new fuel rail (mine was slightly bent, new fuel pressure reg and some other injectors. Hoping that will make a difference.
  7. jprocter

    VR6 Timing

  8. jprocter

    VR6 Timing

    See below.... I think I can now see my issue. If the gearbox was off and I was looking at the chains the cutout on my intermediate sprocket is at about 10-11 o’clock. See Image below.
  9. jprocter

    VR6 Timing

    I just can't get my head round how I can adjust the intermediate sprocket to be in the correct place without adjusting it on the lower chain set. The car is currently timed correctly cam to crank. I'm kind of glad that this could be the issue as I'm all about ready to give up on it.
  10. jprocter

    VR6 Timing

    Thanks for the reply. I fitted a replacement pulley which doesn't have the mark.. In regards ot the gearbox I was just concerned about the intermediate. i.e. if I have the lower chain incorrectly fitted crank to intermediate.
  11. jprocter

    VR6 Timing

    Hi, I've installed a VR6 into my MK2 Golf and prior to that replaced the timing chains. The car runs but stutters/misfires on load and smells very rich when running. I've tried replacement MAF, coilpack, plugs and leads to no avail. After running the car on my driveway and then removing the plugs they are black and wet and smell of fuel. I'm now wondering if I got the timing correct..... I'm now in the process of checking that again. I've removed the intake and have the cam cover off. The engine doesn't have a TDC mark on the crank pulley so I've got a screwdriver in cyl.1 and had it in its highest position. I also have the cam alignment jig fitted. Am I right in thinking that I also need to check the intermediate shaft cutout is either at 12 of 6 o'clock position (I haven't done this yet). Please could someone confirm that If that isn't in either 6 or 12 that this could be my issue? Also can I make that adjustment without taking the gearbox back off i.e. just move that cams? Any assistance would be much appreciated!
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