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  1. Cheers guys, I see what you are saying. The company hasn't asked whether I'd go limited or via an umbrella company as it happens. I'll see what they say tomorrow, its still a developing situation. Thanks Again :-)
  2. I'm having some 'issues' at work, I am trying to convert from permanent employee to sub-contractor. The company are supposedly behind it however they are saying that is in UK Employment Law that I would need to stay away from the company for 6 weeks whilst the process takes place. I am suspicious that they are trying to pull a fast one? Being away for that time will seriously affect my situation on the project I work on. Anyone have any ideas, does this sound right? Any advice massively appreciated!
  3. There is a loose one down that way as standard, I think possibly its yellow and black from memory. Do a search on here there's loads about it, if its the one its normal!
  4. My colleague ordered a 64 GB iPad 3 today. £550 I could be wrong but isn't your price a little steep?
  5. andy

    Spring top caps.

    You can have them for a fiver posted?
  6. I'll double check Chris. ---------- Post added at 1:21 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:38 PM ---------- Hi Chris, I can't find a paint code on the green one, I've taken some pics, you may be able to tell from that. The paint has a sparkle to it in todays bright sunshine. There is the odd mark , ie surface scratch, nothing through to the metal or anything, just that it isn't perfect. If you need a really good one this isn't it. If you want a pretty good one, this could be. Have you got an email address I can send some pics through to?
  7. andy

    Spring top caps.

    Any interest before they go in the bin? :-p
  8. Any interest before I scrap it? :-0
  9. andy

    Bentley Manual

    You have a PM coming.
  10. Bumpage, these will be scrapped on the weekend unless someone wants them!
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