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  1. rolex

    wilkos G60

    looking good Wilko13! 😎 I'm doing a similar process, replacing dash tomorrow. I know what bolts/nuts to remove but any tips or points on anything else dash removal wise?
  2. rolex

    2.0 16V

    Small update, had a bit of time with the car today and carried out a few little exterior mods. front and rear black badges, smoked repeater's, de-wiped rear hatch, and removed the side bump strips.
  3. rolex

    2.0 16V

    Just outside of Cambridge.
  4. rolex

    wilkos G60

    That looks lovely mate! '😎
  5. I do like the side look with those de-locked door handles, especially on a black car. 😎
  6. rolex

    2.0 16V

    Hi Wilko13, where abouts are you based?
  7. rolex

    2.0 16V

    Cheers Graham, certainly has lots of little jobs/upgades that need to be ticked off the list!
  8. rolex

    2.0 16V

    Hi all 😎 thanks for comments, she does look good just don't get too close!! 😂
  9. rolex

    2.0 16V

    Hi Matt, correct!! Hoping to get some general maintenance done on it before Cosford then slowly work through the car on various little jobs!
  10. rolex

    2.0 16V

    Hi all, thought i'd start a build thread for my recently purchased Corrado. Hope to post some updates in the coming weeks. Cheers, Mark
  11. Your more than welcome to arrange your own courier, the filler area could do with being re done.
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