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  1. What was causing the rev problem? Did u sort it?
  2. Anybody know if any other standard airbox off any other vag will fit and be ok to use until I find an original VR6 airbox? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the info James nice one
  4. Hi. Have u got the original airbox for sale? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the advice mystic rado turned out to be the foliage seal which is now sorted. Is there a fix to make the throttle body close quickwr when taking yoir foot of the accelerator as seems to be sticking slightly making it slow and causing ev hang? Also does anybody have a stock vr6 airbox for sale? Thanks
  6. Denty

    Vr6 airbox

    Really need one can anybody help? Cheers
  7. Denty

    Sill repair panels

    Any word on this? Need cill repair on my new one
  8. Hi and thanks. Spoiler does not work at all. Pretty certain the damp is from the fan intake thing. Whats ghe bestvway to fix that? I need the top half of the air intake box if anyone is willing to sell me one as has a silly.cone thing on it.. Looked in to the rev hang.. seems like the throttle body is not closing quick enough, like the springs aren't strong enough..? Anybody know the fix for this? Loving it tho great car! Driving feels real again! Thanks all
  9. Hi people. Just picked up a vr6 storm in green yesterday. Loving it but has a few issues like- Rev hang Oil leaks Small coolant leak Front passenger footwell wet Rusty cills near rear arches Rear poiler not working I'm sure I'll find more probs in the coming days but if anyone has got any pointers about the above faults pls let me know! Im a mk1 golf and audi guy but always lusted after a rado vr6 and im chuffed to finally have one! Bonus that's its a storm also. Cheers peeps!
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