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  1. It seems like I've fried another ECU from jump starting again! So I'm looking for one for sale. If anyone has one for a good price, I'm interested. Thanks
  2. How much do you want for it? Cheers, I know you can get them new, but I may be spraying it. I don't really want to spray a brand new one...
  3. I'm after a intact late front grill. If anyone has one they would like to part with? Cheers
  4. Ok cool. Can you find out how much he would want for it please? As long as it's not really dented. A few marks and scuffs, scratches etc is fine. I may just rattle can the top matt black for now. It's just to get it rolling again...
  5. VR6 South, sorry I didn't see your reply. Maybe we were writing at the same time. No I haven't found anything yet mate. Have you got one? cheers.
  6. I think modern cars may have secondary safety systems perhaps. I think if I would of just bought a new latch for £20 a couple of weeks ago it wouldn't of happened, eh. I certainly don't want it to happen again. I may not be as lucky! VAG-hag, I was thinking of getting a carbon bonnet and roof skin at a later date, but have recently found out that LWS has folded. So the chance of getting a carbon replacement is slimmer.
  7. Thanks, Cressa and Jim. The thing is I knew the bonnet latch was stiff. I will always pull up on bonnets to check every time I close them now! Ok cool, marks2. I'm sure they'll be great. Even better if they're Sherry pearl ;)
  8. lilfuzzer, thanks for the offer but it is quite far. Would travel 2 hours or so... marks2 I'll take those hinges off you though please. How do you want paying? Are they in reasonable order? Minimal rust etc, cheers.
  9. Something very scary happened today, whilst out on road test. My bonnet flipped up at high speed in the fast lane of the A27! Luckily I wasn't rear ended and managed to limp back home with a shattered screen. I need a cheap replacement just to get it road worthy again. If anyone can help, preferably in the south east please? Will also be needing a pair of hinges too, as they have sheared off!
  10. Cool, please let me know if your successful. I know Tim from the Phirm would fabricate one but would be expensive...
  11. Can I ask where you got your kit from? I'm after somewhere that can supply just a bracket, but I'm finding it very hard! Cheers
  12. I'm after charging my rado. I know some places offer kits like storm developments. I'm after just the bracket really for a C38 charger. Does anyone know who would supply one of these for my 12V VR? Any help or advice would be great.
  13. Just out of interest, where did you get your Longlife exhaust done? I've just had one fitted myself. 2.5" sports cat, centre and back box silencers. Did only have the back box, but was unhappy with the noise at 3000rpm under load! Be interesting to compare previous graphs to now with the exhaust.
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