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  1. Looking nice there mate, I’m sure it will pass. bet it will be great to finally get out in her again.
  2. Gearbox almost finished
  3. Thanks, just changing the output shaft seals, guide sleeve, clutch and release bearing.
  4. Cleaned and painted, just waiting on re-plated bolts and can be finished.
  5. Last major piece of the puzzle, started sorting the gearbox so can finally get this and the engine back in.
  6. NOS sump and genuine original fixings.
  7. I’m surprised this is still for sale, I keep coming back to the advert and thinking whether I should sell my R36
  8. It really is. Wonder if I could daily this instead of my R36 🤔
  9. I used a toothbrush with surfex HD almost neat then used white spirit as well.
  10. Excellent work there, look forward to seeing updates. surfex HD is a godsend, I’ve been through loads of it on my re-build
  11. Almost finished and ready to start on the gearbox.
  12. Looks nice that, bet it’s great to have it back on the road 👌
  13. Started the re-assembly
  14. Some more parts freshened up and chains all done.
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