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  1. I’ve bought a few sets of the vdo gauges over the last year or so. One set was brand new and 2 were used, a fair mix of prices, both used sets were about £170 I think, one with the sender was slightly more. I also got a new set with the sender which set me back close to £450. So one thing is sure, they ain’t cheap :lol:

    If you happen to find a spare set of cream recaros I’ll swap you a set of gauges:)


    Haha I'd be happy just finding the one set at the moment mate . Good to know there are still VDO gauges around just seems to me everyone else but me has them tho lol

  2. Im not selling but I have a VSR on my car if you would like to have a good look at one. Also in Glasgow :-)


    Cheers but know how good they look that's the problem Haha .... Got to have one... How did you come across yours, was it already on the car?

  3. Haha I know mate not asking for much eh, may take years but that's the end goal

    Happy enough waiting to find them it's half the fun I suppose, I seen the schricks on for sale and have been tempted to be fair,

    Will keep an eye out for the Recaros on eBay mate cheers , Funny you say that about the VDO gauges my old man has a storm and he got caught out with the left hand drive ones... But in saying that he configured them and you would never know the difference made a cracking job of them... Wouldn't do it again tho he says lol

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