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  1. Hi just wondering if your brembo breaks are still for sale?

  2. Hi Martin thank you for getting back to me that’s totally understandable really appreciate your honesty .. Hope yours are ok .. Haha 3!!it’s crazy how they get hold of you like that. I’m not in a great rush at all take as much time as you need mate i have a rhd but my old man has a storm and accidentally ordered the lhd ones one time and ended up adapting them .. they turned out great you really couldn’t tell the difference..

  3. Hi mate did you say you had a set of lhd vdo gauges ? Would you be willing to sell them? Kind regards Chris

  4. I will take it mate thank you
  5. Well played sir... Another man with impecable taste I see ha ha
  6. Haha I'd be happy just finding the one set at the moment mate . Good to know there are still VDO gauges around just seems to me everyone else but me has them tho lol
  7. Cheers but know how good they look that's the problem Haha .... Got to have one... How did you come across yours, was it already on the car?
  8. I really couldn't tell you to be honest.. Been away from this stuff for a while , just getting back into it again now haha
  9. Haha I know mate not asking for much eh, may take years but that's the end goal Happy enough waiting to find them it's half the fun I suppose, I seen the schricks on for sale and have been tempted to be fair, Will keep an eye out for the Recaros on eBay mate cheers , Funny you say that about the VDO gauges my old man has a storm and he got caught out with the left hand drive ones... But in saying that he configured them and you would never know the difference made a cracking job of them... Wouldn't do it again tho he says lol
  10. Looking for the rarest of the rare I know 😋 Would be interested in buying any of these if they ever come up Kind Regards Chris
  11. Hi mate do you still have your Motorsport vsr manifold?

  12. Hi can I have one if they are still available please?
  13. Can I add my name to the list please
  14. Coilovers Silicone hoses Audioscape doorpods Cream leather Recaros Borbet t alloys
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