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  1. Well, the game may not be over, if i can find a vr6 for 5-6k i think ill buy it, idk about a g60, i have no knowledge about the g60 performance wise etc etc, i found a vr6 with 164k miles but im not sure if i should get it, is that high i mean my old one was 130k, any suggestions??
  2. nvm i hear they suk o well, back to the drawing board
  3. anyone have any knowledge of b5 a4s?
  4. Well, i found a replacement for the corrado for the time being. i want another one but at this point i cant find one in my price range. I had a vr6 and sorry i cant go g60, its a 96 a4 2.8 5 speed with 122k, the funny thing is the dealer selling its a family friend, and ironically while searching for the a4 i found his. I didnt know he was selling it so lets see how low i can get him to go, the cars pictures are taken at my body shop guys which is also ironic and if you look at some pics closly you can see my vr6 parked, Its all very ironic, have a look and tell me what you think http://www.cars.com/go/search/...=true :thumbup: :thumbdown:
  5. Supercharged, it was a joke, thus the hah at the end, if it wasnt for people like me your job patrolling the forum would be boring
  6. LoL thats good to know you mods truly like me, hah, i know iv caused some problems and stupid threads hah, lets see what happens
  7. Its borat not some crazy terrorist, all he wants to do is make the nation of kazakistan a better place lol, thanks to everyone who replied, well it sorta suks more because it was my first car, my dad gave it to me when i turned 17 when i got my license, its so upsetting lol, i swear i was obsessed with this car, if it wasnt idling right, or wasnt running smooth i couldnt sleep, ha i know it sounds stupid, i remember when it wasnt running smooth and was having issues i stayed up all night reading and posting and reading until i figured out what the problem was and as soon as there was light out around 5 am i went out and started working on it and sure enough it was fixed an hour later, great times, idk i will get it one day but right noow it seems very doubtful, im starting college at the end of this year, so i wont have time to work on a car that requires so much love an attention hah, let alone the cash factor, i think i will stick with the 325is drive it for a year or 2, get some driving courses on the track under my belt and then buy one, well, as of now here are some cars iv been looking at if you guys can help me decide i would appreciate it.... 1996 325is 1997-1998 a4 1.8t 1997-1998 a4 2.8 v6, got any more suggestions??
  8. I wonder why its in very bad taste
  9. lol, even when im leaving im causing problems with people hah
  10. Its tempting, dont get me wrong, but idk and idk if the corrado is track worthy being fwd anyone drive the vr6 on the track?? how does it perform??, i plan on taking some driving courses on the track, who knows what will happen
  11. Well, it was a fun ride while it lasted, looks like im out of the corrado game. Its been over 4 months since my accident and nothing has happened even with a lawyer, other insurance company refuses to pay, blah blah blah, im selling the corrado as is for $1700 well $1500 sad to see it go, it was an awesome car, i want another one but will probably not get it, but maybe in a couple years ill buy one again. I wana stick with german and i dont see any other vw i want right now or can afford (07 gti) so i think i might either get a 96 325is coupe or a 97-98 A4 1.8t or 2.8 v6, not sure yet (suggestions on a replacement car would be appreciated, something similar to the C, fun to drive), If you dont remember here is the old thread http://the-corrado.net/.archive/forum/viewtopic.php?t=47430&highlight= WOO World Cup starts in a week, GO PAKISTAN, sorry
  12. Well, i think what im going to end up doing with my car is pulling the engine out and droping it in a rolling shell, my question for all of you who have done i t already is how hard is it? from 1-10, whats involved in removing the engine and tranny? how long of a process is it? are there any diy for it? Thanks (VR6 engine and manual tranny)
  13. Like the title says, whats the worst/stupidest thing you've done in your corrado or to your corrado?? Ill start it off Um lets see. 1. Took a turn real hard, and had the tail come out 2. Drove the car for a day without the airbox in, MAF was open to the world 3. Drove the car through a really big puddle/flood, water was up to the doors, car started to sputter and almost stalled 4. Cracked the winshield with the wiper blade arm, basicly it was really late at night, i had taken the wiper blades off the car, and left the metal arm up, when to move the car, alarm went off at 1am had to pop the hood to deactivate the battery because the door handle was broken, didnt realize arms were up, i opened the hood and wam, cracked winshield. Now lets hear ur stupid moments
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